Sunday, October 23, 2011

~Today...being the Lord's day...~

She rested! =) Phillip let the younger kids and I stay home this first get some more REST on the day of rest and he and the girls walked for 2 1/2 hours through the city trying to find an evangelical church.  YES! You read that right.  Wow! We love this culture, but where are the churches?  Please continue to pray that God will guide us.
When I first saw our new apartment here in Argentina...there were no decorations in the kitchen and only one chipped vase with some artificial springy flowers in them in the living room. I knew I wanted to decorate a little in my kitchen, but didn't want to buy a bunch of things that I'd have to give away in just 4 1/2 months.  So, after our first day out in the city of Buenos Aires on Friday, I decided that I would use FOOD to decorate my kitchen.  It is inexpensive and we can use it up before we leave.  =D
Like I mentioned earlier hard crusty breads, cheeses, olives, hot teas, hot coffees, etc. are a big part of this culture. a tiny grocery store we dug in a big open bin and found some hard loaves of bread.  I was wanting a basket to put them in, but on a Saturday night none were available.  In that same tiny groc. store we saw this neat old wooden box in the veggie section...and asked if we could buy it.  They sold it to us for a couple bucks...but I would have loved to have heard their conversation after we left, for I know they couldn't figure us Americans out! =)
My old box of crusty breads on top of the refrigerator.~
~Just some things that were already in the kitchen along with some garlic and onion.~
~I was delighted to find these 2 matching containers in the kitchen and knew I could put some pasta in them.  I used the one chipped vase for the "Foratini" (round hollow noodles similar to Spaghetti. =)~
~More fun crusty breads~
~Olives and Olive oil...~
~And at night~
~My nice kitchen (We were happy to see a hot water heater in the kitchen for that meant we wouldn't have to have cold showers!=) There's also a microwave, an oven (with no rack=), a blender, a coffee maker, and a nice 'fridge.~
~Such a nice breeze comes through the window in front of our kitchen sink when we're washing dishes. =) [pic taken at night.]~
~Love the nice tile floor and the granite counter tops.~
~Our nice bathroom...with a nice little Mary in it.~
~We love the clay sink.~
~The walls in the bathroom are a beautiful tile.  The dark "tiles" are actually squares of wood.~
~The most exciting part of the bathroom is that we have a BATHTUB and not just a shower.  We've not had a bathtub in any of the countries we have lived in since we left the US in 2005!  With 2 babies...bathtubs are HELPFUL! =)~
~The couch that makes out into a double bed...which is where our girls normally sleep.~
~Fun fall-ish colored pillows that were here. =)~
~I was so happy to find a REAL PUMPKIN to decorate with...along with my beloved Taste Of Home magazine that arrived THE DAY BEFORE I LEFT COLOMBIA!~
~I'm sure that those of you from the US have seen these adorable pumpkins made out of material, a stem and a roll of toilet paper but I had never seen one until last year at our church's home school group Thanksgiving dinner.  When I walked in and saw these...I fell in love with them.  So, afterward I told "Aunt Nesi' how ADORABLE the pumpkins were and she gave me one!  =D She didn't know it...but it made my heart soooo HAPPY...for I knew that the material and stem would weigh NOTHING and I would be able to take it to Argentina to decorate for Fall.  Thank you, Aunt Nesi! =) (And since I was bringing the Scrabble game anyways...why not have fun with some of the letters? =)
~Jesus gave us a nice table to seat 6 people...and the chairs have a vinyl easy to wipe off! =)~
~Our dinning room and our living room.  It's a nice, airy, fresh, and bright apartment and we are very happy!~
~The fun orange light in the living room.~
~Our bedroom. We have a king sized bed that we share with Mary for now. =) We've never even had a queen sized bed.=)~

~Mary's little dresser in our room.~
~The kids' fun colorful room. (with a fun CoLoRfUl Elijah!=)~
~The mirror in the kids' room...that has the same purple and green in it.~
~We are on the 3rd floor and a have a balcony right outside our living room.  There are elegant restaurants on every other corner it seems.  They all have tables outside with table clothes.  You can see 3 of them from our balcony.  Here's one...~
~And here's another one.  Fun!~
God truly went before us in finding the perfect Apartment for our family! =)


~Regina~ said...

What a beautiful apartment that was provided for you! Very happy for your family! :)

Anonymous said...

Your apt. looks perfect for your family and how wonderful that Jesus gave you a good sized kitchen to do plenty of baking in! :o) Your decorations are cute! Keeping you in our prayers..
~liz Flowers

Gayle said...

So glad you got a nice place ! Praying you will get plenty of rest !! Love ya all!!!

Rob and Deanna said...

What a Beautiful, Bright, Cheery apt.! I am sure you will love the kitchen, especially after the REALLY teeny ones you had before. LOVE the shower curtain.;-) LOL When it rains & you have to dry your underthings hanging in the bathroom, it will just look like part of the decor. Real stylish! ha Maybe it will be a little like a vacation home "Feel", such a fun view out your windows & able to watch the people in a new culture.
We are staying home this evening, the twins & Rob aren't feeling very well. I pray that the twins colds or whatever they have passes quickly!

Kim M. said...

So glad you are there and safe. Your home is lovely!

Denise said...

Made my day to see the little pumpkin on your table! Sometimes it feels like all I do is take care of my sick hubby and little boy so it was rewarding to see I could brighten a little corner of Argentina for some of my favorite little missionaries!

RicKaren said...

So sweet and homey! Proud of you for taking "home" with you!

lila said...

The apartment looks beautiful!! I am soooo happy for you! Just wish we could next door! We would have sooo much fun!! Our God is enough, He prooves it over and over!! Praising Him for His mighty works!! Love you tons

Crystal Mason said...

Isn't God good? What a beautiful apartment He provided! I'm so happy you have a nice, roomy kitchen and I'm trying not to be jealous of the bathtub!! lol

Blessings and prayers...


~Carla~ said...

Heather, you are amazing. I love the kitchen decor, it is perfect and so homey! I noticed the shower curtain too lol! So cute! Everything is amazing. Makes my heart so happy to see how God is providing for your family. Love ya'll, Carla

Daryl Hausman said...

I LOVE IT!!! I know just where you can "put" that old wooden box, for you can't EAT that! (At least I don't have a recipe for how to cook one and have it be tasty anyway!=)
Glad, glad, glad for how Jesus went before you! Love your Food decorating ideas too! Way to go, you must be a Missionary, or related to one! Hee! Lots of love and so glad Aunt Nesi thought to give you that fabric, so fun! God is so good and often gives us the desires of our hearts, too, just because HE CAN! Love ya lots, Laura

RicKaren said...

Heather, you asked about a border and words on pictures at the top of a blog. I use
It is free and easy to use!

mmsbryan said...

Surely Jesus went before you and we thank Him. Loved the apartment and the airy uncluttered look. I liked your choice of kitchen decor, it is beautiful and practical - unless those little boys get hungry! Using "what is that in thine hand" is a lesson I learned that God taught Moses many years ago and I have happily applied it where ever home has been. Your home looks like a wonderful place to rest and wait to see what God has led your man there to do. Love, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Loved the pictures of the apartment!!! SO cute!

Beth Stetler said...

I love your apartment and thank the Lord for supplying your needs!

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