Friday, October 14, 2011

~Fun Food Friday...Pumpkin Scones~

We feel your love and prayers and they mean so much!!  Our little bouncy Elijah has been very SICK the last couple of days, but he's getting some better, Praise the Lord!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A few days ago I was wishing I had a new recipe to make with Pumpkin Squash (Since I cannot find pumpkin here =) when my sister mentioned that she had just had a wonderfully yummy Pumpkin scone made by our dear Pastor's wife.  So, I told Laura that if she would post the recipe, I'd try it, and then link to her blog for my Fun Food Friday recipe.  =)  So, yesterday I made these wonderful scones and we loved them.  Since I didn't want to open my brand new bag of pecans that Laura had sent to me (for it's already packed in my suitcase to take to Argentina) we used mini choc. chips.  Delicious! =)  So, why not hop on over to Laura's blog and try her pumpkin scone recipe, I don't think you'll be disappointed!
~What a treat, a hot drink, and a pumpkin scone to eat!~
And as Always...Enjoy!!


Daryl Hausman said...

Heather, I'm SO glad they turned out great for you! I guess I forgot to tell you that I just made mine plain with no nuts for we didn't have any, but loved them much anyway, didn't think of your mini-chip idea! Sounds yummy, but I may NOT tell my family, so I can still make them cheaper!!! =)
lots of love and we are praying HARD for you all, wee "whyjah" and all your packing too! miss you like crazy! Love,

mmsbryan said...

I thawed my pumpkin out to try the scones, hopefully tomorrow. Been too busy with Mom Bryan's needs to do the baking I had planned. I think that I will try mine with walnuts, however. I have never thought pumpkin and chocolate went together yet I see it done lots of recipes. I do like the white chocoate bits in some of the spice breads and probably would these. So glad that Laura had a post that you could link to for I don't know how in this world you could prepare and post a "taste of home" recipe in less than a week before you move to ANOTHER COUNTRY! I do not know where you get this zip but think that it must have come from your Daddy! ;-) Praying much for our little Elijah, my Gram heart hurts to hear he is having a hard time breathing. Gramp and I are still laughing at his plan to "play like you all are the Hausman Family" and who he chose to be. I think that should be your next post but first you must get a picture of the "entire" Hausman family for all to get the proper effect. Children. . . surly God knew what He was doing to give us the delights of a child. They make this world a brighter place and only if we are as little children can we make the City. My sights are seeking a higher place. Praying much for you these next few days. I love you, Moma

lila said...

The scones look yummy! The scone display is cute! I like your hair. I think is this post that your hair is different. I just got a chance to look at your last three posts.
Hope Elijah is bettter soon. love and prayers

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