Wednesday, October 12, 2011

~Praise in the Midst of Packing!~

~1. We are VERY GRATEFUL for such an awesome group of family and friends who love us and are praying for us...yes that means YOU! =)    Your prayers...They encourage us so much!
~2.Jesus is helping us. =)
~3. We're getting some things marked off our tiny HUGE to-do-list. =)
~4.  I'm winding down the packing for me.
~5. I'm nearly done packing for Mary, Elijah, and Noah.  The girls are doing their own packing.~
~6. Fun fall touches that cheer my heart. =)~
 ~A touch of orange in my kitchen. =)~
~7. I'm Thanking Jesus that He knows all about my magazines I want to arrive before I leave.  I'm trusting Him to work out what is best! =)
~8. Phillip has been looking on line and finding websites for houses that are for tourist to rent.  (Which means we shouldn't have the headaches of trying to find several people to co-sign, etc.) We are trusting Jesus to guide us to the right house in the area...where He wants us to try to touch lives for Him!
~9. We are grateful for our Dear Colombian Friends!
~10. That Mary is sleeping LOTS better at nights! =)
~11. That we still have 6 more days to try to get things done.
(Please keep praying as we try to fit everything in just one suitcase each (weighing 51 lbs), and some carry-ons (but Mary is only allowed a carry-on that weighs 12 lbs.). There is a charge of $17.00 for EACH POUND OVER!!!
The things we have to take include a keyboard, Kimberly's violin, our children's school books, clothes for 7 people for 3 seasons, etc. When we arrive in Argentina on Oct. 19th it will be SpringChristmas time will be summer there.  Before we leave in March it will turn to Fall.  Confused yet?  So am I. =)


Kira said...

Heather , it is not everyone who would list the things that they are thankful for in the midst of packing to move to a new county with 5 kids !!!! But God knew who he wanted to do his work in South America and i dont think he could have chose two better people .

You are a rainbow on a cloudy day , thee is no doubt . Heather and Phillip , i just know God has already gone to Argentina before you and be assured that he has got it all sorted out for your arrival ...he know's where you will stay and he has all the little details sorted .

I will continue to pray for you , Phillip , Noah , Elijah and the girls that this transistion will be a smooth one .

Take care and God bless you all !

lila said...

Kira is so right. God chose His best to go to South America! I am so happy for the souls you will touch in Argentina. I can't thank Jesus enough for allowing you to be such a big part of what we are doing. One never knows how God is working. Love all your fall touches. So glad you are getting things done. Praying and love you all tons

Stephanie said...

God has given Phillip an amazing woman! Your flexible, dedicated spirit is an inspiration to hundreds of us in the USA. I always leave your blog having gleaned something valuable, and today is no different. We will be praying for you as you transition yet again. Give the family a big hug from all of us cousins in Lima!

mmsbryan said...

Thank the Lord for His help to our South American Children! Your house does not look like you are packing unless it is a Better Homes and Garden article with pictures taken just for their readers! :-) Thank the Lord for the lovely home God has blessed you with. You have used it and your talents to bless many lives. I feel assured that, He that has gone before you every step since Phillip announced to Daddy and I in Phoenix a call to Colombia, is still leading. While I would like to spare you all the hardships I put you into the Hands of the God that called and is still leading, He will make a way. Daddy and I have trusted God and your man, our son, Phillip and have been disappointed in neither. I love you, Moma

Daryl Hausman said...

Heather,and Family,
I read as part of my devotions this a.m. Psalm 91 and felt God's presence as I claimed that Psalm for you again, regarding Argentina! Glad to get to chat with you!
Love Elijah's Friend,
A. Laura =)
P.S. My family loved it when I told them that he loves to pretend you all are us! Especially that he is Diesel, our loving Bullmastif!!! =)

Brittany said...

You amaze me. I wouldn't even know where to start packing for a family going to a new country, and still keeping it all within the weight limits! We will be praying for all of you as you head into this new adventure, and we hope with you that you will be able to have internet access so you can keep us all posted!
Blessings, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is crazy all the clothes for 3 seasons you will have to take! You did a good job I'm sure! It's amazing to me how much God helps you get done! I'm very glad you got Internet in the apartment you'all got! Lots of love and Prayers, Hannah Klunder

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