Monday, October 31, 2011

~This is the Day that the Lord hath made...~

...Let us R.E.J.O.I.C.E. and be Glad in it! Like Pollyanna...let's play the GLAD GAME.  Whatever you may be facing...let's find some reason to be Thankful...even in the midst of hard times.  That's what our family is doing today! =)
In praying on Saturday as to where we should try to go to church, Phillip felt like we should have a home service.  If any one is FAITHFUL to gather at their local church, my husband is.  But, when one doesn't HAVE a local church, that's a different story. =) 
~Here's Elijah "preaching" before we started our service.~
~We all got "dressed up for church". 
Phillip snapped this picture of me doing last minute things in the kitchen before our service started.~
~And the kids before service.~
~Phillip asked me to lead some songs.  We opened our windows, Kimberly played the violin, and we sang several hymns in Spanish.  We were hoping that some passer-bys heard us singing.  I'm sure they did for...!!!
~Some of us Sang VERY LoUdLy ...
(Please note Elijah's TIE that he insisted on wearing with a knit shirt.=])~
(Moma and Laura, Doesn't Elijah look like his cousin Drew in this picture?)
~Especially the little blonde haired boy in the middle...he gave it all! he! had!!~
~Phillip holding an active little boy while he was preaching.  We had a very nice service that lasted over an hour.~ 
God's presence was very close.  Hasn't He promised  to be..."Where 2 or 3 are gathered together?" =)


Daryl Hausman said...

This was precious and warmed my heart! What a handsome "2 or 3" you all had in your service. We had special prayer for your family at CNC that God would lead and guide you! I'm sure someone had to hear you! Yes, he looks so much like Drew there! Praying for your hearts WHILE you play the glad game! Did Phillip preach on all the "Rejoice" texts? =)
God Bless you and your efforts for Eternity!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, This post brought tears to my eyes and howls of laughing aloud to my mouth! I LOVED it that a 'home service' was what Phillip deduced was the thing to do for your Sunday morning worship service. Now you know that whoever heard you guys had to stick their long noses out and listen to what was going on. I know I would have, anyway!
I absolutely adore Mary's lavender dress, and your outfit is so cute with that pretty sash to match.
Elijah standing on the coffee table 'preaching' to Noah is one thing that made me laugh out loud, and then, seeing Elijah singing very loudly made me laugh. If an outsider heard him, you know they were thinking that some little child in that song service was certainly enjoying his 'religion'. Ha!
I loved the different personalities that showed on each of the five children in your first picture, and I was happy to see the picture of Phillip preaching, with his little Elijah on his lap listening so solemnly.
Dad & I checked your blog many times this past weekend, waiting for another post. We're getting addicted, you see. Love, Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks for sharing with us about your Lord's Day! You all looked SO pretty all dressed up nicely! (And yes, I did notice Elijah's tie! And he DOES LOOK SO MUCH like Drew!!)
Love you all much, and praying for you all!

Denise said...

Sometimes it's easier than others to play the "glad game" isn't it! Is there any chance your internet connection is good enough to watch one of the holiness live stream services? I know it's not the same but... We love you all and are praying God leads you to the first Argentine holiness family ~ sooner than later. Benji and I are praying for them and find it so puzzling/interesting that God already knows who they are! Now to just connect! Love you all! Aunt Nesi

lila said...

Such a precious post! Love Elijah on the table preaching and song book he is singing from. lol... What a precious and adorable family. I know God is working!! Can't wait to hear about the hearts you are touching!! Keep playing the glad game. I know you will, just saying. love you tons

~Carla~ said...

We play that game too =) So thankful for how the Lord is leading your family. THink of you and pray for you often. BTW, yes, it is very intersting how babies develop differently! Kyleigh cut her first 2 teeth yesterday, finalllly. I am sure as soon as your beautiful lil Mary starts walking, you are gonna have more fun than ever :D Much love, Carla

Linda Scarbrough said...

Heather, I couldn't help but remember our first service in Crandall by reading your post. Just our family was there "and Susan sang real loudly". :) The service was also in the living room of our home. I will never forget the day Uncle Carson said he thought we should start services in our house!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
So glad all went well in your Church service. God is good! Maybe you all will start a house church and then when you get bigger you could get a building! We have our Sunday services at my Dad's and our mid week service at my house! Also you could pray that Gods will be done this week, because we are having a Creation Seminar with Eric Buck at my house starting tonight and going through Sat. night! We are hoping God will open the doors for the Bucks to do many Seminars all over the US and where ever God would lead! We are keeping you in our prayer, that God would open up the right doors in His time!!! Love, Hannah Klunder

mmsbryan said...

I so enjoyed your post and sorry that I have been going too fast to tell you so. Your service seemed nice and I enjoyed seeing all that came, especially my Whittle Whittle's doll baby. :-) May God bless that time to meet the rest and worship you need and those that might have been "just passing by." God has a plan, the enemy will say hurry to see results but God has perfect timming. I love the entire family, Moma

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a very interesting Sunday service. It's nice to know that God's presence is everywhere. If you are still looking for a church, I came across this info on the internet. I don't know anything about the church but I'm assuming they are part of World Gospel Mission. It might be worth checking out. Here is the church info
Iglesia Evangelica de Santidad
Avenida Rivadavia 10859
Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina
(0)11 4644 4441

Anonymous said...

Your family and faith continue to be a blessing and inspiration to me.

Praying for you and your precious family,
Cousin Nina

Kim M. said...

Our family is praying for your family! Love the updates!

Ellen said...

I love that you had home services and opened the windows so others could share in it. You have such precious, cute children and right now little Mary looks like a miniature Sherry Dickinson to me. :). Love you all and are praying for you, Aunt Ellen

debbie said...

Heather your posts blesses my heart. It reminded me of when we lived in Jordan, and I would have services in our "formal living room" on Sunday. I too, would have the children dress in their Sunday best to go to meet with the Lord in our living room. Just the other day Lizzie told me (and I didn't know this until now) that she used to get so aggravated when I would tell them to get dressed,just to go into our living room. She tells me now though that she appreciates that I was faithful to make them do that. God was always faithful to meet with us. Sometimes even as we were going down the corridor to get to our "church" We didn't have isles to walk but God did give me a long corridor to walk and Praise HIM in. Thank YOU LORD for your faithfulness to us. Praying for you all. We love you.May God continue to bless and keep and give souls for HIS Glory!

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