Saturday, October 22, 2011

~This, that, and I'm TIRED!"=)~

With our suitcases...I'm almost done!
I've nearly unpacked every last one! =)
We went grocery shopping for some food...
We found quite a was good!
(All except a small jar of peanut butter for $10.00!!! UGH! We left it there!)

Argentina reminds us of Europe you see,
Lots of cheeses, hard breads, and hot tea.
We are slowly getting settled in here...
But...I'm feelin' that I could sleep for a YEAR! =)

~Our first afternoon in our new apartment here in Argentina...we all laid down for a nap.  But Mary didn't sleep long...for she was "all rested up". =) So, she went and dug in Sarah's suitcase.  Mary LOVES putting things over her head and rubbing her face on soft clothes. =)~
~Our boys didn't want to lie down but once they went to sleep they slept for a long time.  Noah slept all afternoon, and all night and awoke at 5:00 the next morning...13 hours or so! =)~
~Sarah and Kimberly lying on the couch in the living room that makes a double bed.~
~Then on Friday we went to get some groceries and supplies.  We were happy to see flowers for sell for a good price! We didn't ask, but would not be surprised if these flowers came from our BELOVED COLOMBIA! =)~
~We didn't know what kind of vegetables / fruit we'd find here, but we're finding a good selection Praise the Lord!~
~We didn't splurge, but we were happy to see a Starbucks coffee shop here. =)~
Then Phillip took us to a restaurant that is right in front of the hotel where he stayed the first time he visited Buenos Aires last year.  It was special eating where he had eaten alone several times.  
~Of course every country is going to have some different words for things.  So, when Kimberly ordered her pizza, she didn't pay attention to one VERY IMPORTANT word...and it arrived with ANCHOVIES!  =)~
~We are loving the culture here.  It reminds us a lot of our own culture back in the US (the uppity side) and of a European culture.  Lots of hard breads, cheeses, hot teas, and coffees, and quiet classical type music! This is the plate of hard breads they brought for us to enjoy with our meal.~
~Our family eating our lunch/supper.  We didn't have many groceries in our apt. and had waited all day to eat, so we were starved. =)  The boys got a crossiant sandwich, a fruit salad, and hot tea. We got meals and fresh juices.  Yummy!~
~Then we went and got some groceries.  We were happy with the selection we found.  
Of course, we could NOT buy any other kind of coffee but COLOMBIAN coffee [which Sarah is showing you!] =)  
Sarah is standing in front of our water filter that our Dear "Grandpa Edwards" [whom Phillip pastored in AZ] purchased in 2004 for us to take to Colombia.  It has been a LIFE-SAVER!  Phillip was drinking a nice fresh drink of water last night and teasingly said, 
"With a good water filter and a good could go anywhere in the world!" =D~
I'll post pics of our apt. as soon as I can.  Can anyone tell me WHY I'm still dragging?  Hee! Hee! =)


mmsbryan said...

Thank the Lord for your home sweet home pictures. Thank you for sharing. It looks like everyone else was tired except Baby Mary! I love you, Moma

Liz said...

I'm soooo glad you're there! And I hope you get some rest soon. I like that GREEN wall! :) Praying for you all and your children,

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Why are babies 'never' tired when the entire family is dying for sleep? I can imagine Sarah wondered why it had to be her suitcase that Mary chose to explore. Smile.
I love seeing the boys comatose in their bed; and Elijah's foot on the wall, and Noah's sock foot sticking out is so cute to this Grandma's heart.
I would never have dreamed how interesting Buenos Aires sounds from your description. And Kimberly's pizza looked absolutely authentic and scrumptious, until I saw those FRESH anchovies. HORRORS and double-HORRORS! Love, Mom D

Daryl Hausman said...

Thanks for posting the pics!!!!!
Enjoyed seeing them all!
Love you all much,

Dorcas said...

It sounds like you're slowly getting settled in! So glad for you!

Daryl Hausman said...

Bless poor Kimberly's heart... I'm sure she was tempted to say that "Y" word that her Aunt would have said! How glad I am to hear that you all are safe and sound and our hearts are missing all the "European foods" while reading your blog!
You need to rest for a WEEK, time change plus all the pushing before you left has you beyond weary, dear! Lots of love< Laura

lila said...

Love your post. Glad you love the culture there. The food looks wonderful! Wouldn't care for the pizza. lol Happy you are getting some rest and settling in. love you tons

Roseanne Evans said...

So neat to see your new home in Argentina. Looks really interesting and exciting. The pics of your appt are wonderful. Love the open ariness of the kitchen. And your decorations are awesome. Love that little wooden box for the bread. What a cute idea. You were creative and did great with what you had and could find. Your children are really growing and are beautiful.

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