Saturday, June 23, 2007

~All in a week's work!~

~First the girls went and chose their own material to make their skirts! ~

~This is what Kimberly chose!~
~This is what Sarah chose!~ =)
Then the next day we started making their skirts...WITH NO PATTERN...and God helped us.
~Kimberly cutting out her skirt!~
~Kimberly sewed a lot on her skirt. It was the first time that she had sewed on a machine, and she did a great job.~
~If you can see him...Noah is sitting on my lap...SMILING at you...through the hole on the sewing machine!~
~Since Sarah wanted to help sew her skirts...but was too short to push the pedal and the material through at the same time, she just ran the pedal...and I pushed the material through. =)
I was helping Kimberly cut out her skirt when I got to thinking that a friend had just given me a hot pink suit coat...and that the hot pink dots in Kimberly's material...just might I checked and it did I made me a skirt too. =)
~Us and our new skirts!~

The next day I surprised the girls while they were gone...and made them some bloomers out of the left-overs of Sarah's material. For those of you who may not know what bloomers are, here's a pic.
~The girl's bloomers.~
~The girls showing the tip of their bloomers. =)~
Our girls wear these, so that they can be girls...climb trees, and do flips in the park...and still be ladylike! =)
We had A LOT of fun using my new works wonders and works wonderfully too!! We sewed some designs on some of the kids jean skirts and Noah's jeans too. That was FUN!
~We embroidered a string of these "candies" on the bottom of one of Sarah's jean skirts that I had made (for Kimberly) while still in AZ.~

~We did a train on Noah's jeans!~

~We sewed hearts on the bottom of one of Kimberly's skirts.~

In the midst of sewing...I have been struggling with an infection, so have not been well. We also had several visitors come to our house, (2 who stayed until 12:30 AM...and one who stayed for 5 hours!!=) and we also ran and had a picnic with my friend Diana...the one that lost her baby. BUT...all of the visitors and pictures will have to wait until next week! =) We had a lot of fun sewing and using my machine! Thank God for that nice sewing machine, and for His help to us as we sewed (without patterns! =)


Beth Dickinson said...

You all did such a good job sewing! Wish I was there to help you all. ;-) Miss you all

Vonnie said...

That is so neat, Heather. Really nice skirts and embroidery!!!

Les said...

Cute! You are amazing! I count sew a button on.
I wanted to let you know that I teach the 6th grade girls Sunday School at church and our lessons have been on Paul and the book of Acts. It's been leading into mission work. Our 5th and 6th graders are going on a mission trip next week, so it's perfect timing. Today the lesson was all about missionaries today. I made prayer cards for all the girls in my class with your family's names for them to keep and pray for actual missionaries. Your stories have really touched my heart and it was perfect with our lessons! The girls were all very excited to hear about your family. Thanks for keeping us updated so well and I will continue to tell your stories. I know these girls will add you to there prayer lists!

Les said...

Too bad I can't spell "their"!

Les said...

I did read about his soup. I think I commented on it and how he is a MUCH better person than I could be!

Leah said...

Heather - what cute skirts and it looks like you are going tohave lots of fun with the embroidery!!! I loved the look on their faces when they are showing the tip of their bloomers!!

Michelle said...

That is so awesome! I am so happy for you! The girls look like they are going to be great seamstresses in no time flat. We appreciate you and I love reading your updates! Michelle J

kayla said...

I am so glad that you are having so much fun with your machine. That embroidery is way too cool. I called Harold and told him to look at it. The company let MFI keep two of those machines to embroider their own shirts, so I may just have to go check it out.

Janette said...

Looks great and like lots of fun! You are amazing to take the time to embroider all of the designs!

Thanks for your comments on my blog--I'd love to come over for a snack!

~Heather~ said...

Ladies, that sewing machine is amazing...the embroidery that I did...was just on the machine itself...., a normal stitch like I was zigzagging or something. It was NOT USING THE EMBROIDERY PARTS...which will do WAY more! I can't wait to learn how to do it all. =) I am very THANKFUL for this blessing! GOD IS AWESOME!!

Love, Heather =)

Holly said...

Heather, what a great mommy you are. It shows in everything you do.

Gayle said...

Wow! You had a very busy week. I love the skirts. Great job Kimberly and Sarah. I wish I could sew you all keep learning from your momma you won't regret it when you get older.

Anonymous said...

Heather, just now getting time to catch up... need some more sleep, but we've had a wonderful time with the TLC team here. Sad day today for us as they left us. God is good! your sewing Kimberly and sarah is GREAT. Our girls are wanting to do more of that this summer, Lord willing! Love you all so much, Laura, Salonta, Romania

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