Friday, June 29, 2007

~Our "PICNIC" with Diana~

Haven't heard from Daddy and Moma...but I'm assuming that no news is good news, and that they have arrived in Westfield, IN by now. They have no phone in their home yet, so can't call me.
~Phillip, Heather, Erika (Diana's niece on her right), Diana, Angie (Diana's daughter on her left), and our kids in the back ground.~

For a couple weeks we had planned a picnic to try to reach out to Diana (my 19 year friend that lost her 2 month old baby!) We had planned the picnic, and then woke up to RAIN on that day! UGH! But, later on, it quit so we went ahead with our plans. But while we were in the taxi to go to meet her and her daughter at the started raining again. So when we got there, we headed to the mall that was right across the street from the park to get out of the rain, and then called Diana to let her know where to meet us. Our kids were disappointed that we could not take our picnic to the park, but it all turned out OK. We took our picnic and ate in the food court of the mall. While we were eating our "Gringo" picnic of ham sandwiches, chips, Pop, and my homemade cookies, I asked Diana what kind of food the Colombians bring to a picnic...and her answer made my heart SAD...She said, "I don't know, I've NEVER BEEN ON A PICNIC!"
~Our precious kiddos, that are DAILY learning to be FLEXIBLE in life. =)~

After we ate and since the kids couldn't play in the park, (for it was COLD AND STILL RAINING) we let the kids ride the little carousel there in the mall.
~Kimberly and Sarah Fixin' to get DIZZY...going around and around after they ate!~

~Diana, her daughter and her niece~

~Kimberly, Sarah, and the 2 men in my life~

Diana really seemed to appreciate our reaching out to her.
I would love to have her come to my house, but her house has no walls except the outside wall, just blankets hang to divide the rooms, her floor is the DIRT, and there is no real roof, except pieces of tin laying loosely on top. One day when Phillip was visiting her and her family there (she lives with her sister and family) it was raining and the RAIN WAS RUNNING INTO THE HOUSE AND ONTO THE DIRT FLOOR! So, It's not possible (for right now) to invite her into my home....for though it's simple, and not very her it would look like a mansion, and it could intimidate her, and put barriors between us. I don't ever want our people to feel SAD or embarrassed when they invite us to their humble shacks. Please continue to pray for Diana that God will help us touch her for HIM! THANKS!


Beth Dickinson said...

Im glad you still got to have your Picnic. Looks like you had fun.

We love you

The Going Blog said...

Picnics are a favorite of mine. I responded to your question about Ella Ruth Going in my "I'm back" post. She is my mother-in-law :) Do you have just an e-mail address that I could write to you sometimes? I'm never sure where to respond to questions. I'm sorry you thought I had not done so yet. I've been reading different blogs about the discomforts of camp and the Diane story puts a whole different perspective on things. At least camp is just for a week.

Susanna Pilmore said...

Sometimes it is the not so perfect picnics that we never forget. Just remembering our not so "perfect" fourth of July get together!!! It was probably one of the most enjoyable ones we ever had!! We are really missing you all so much!!

Vonnie said...

Looks like a fun day!! Glad you had a place to go on a rainy day!!

Martha C said...

Blessings on your reaching out to others.
Loving your posts - as usual! :-)

floridabozonebunch said...

I'm so glad God has placed you in Diane's life. Having lost three babies, the last one a few months ago, my heart reached out to her and I don't even know her story. I have found some books that have helped me. The one I am reading now is "Hope for a Woman's Heart" by Kathy Troccoli. She says that "Our tears do not fall without the hand of God catching every one." Isn't that comforting?

Sister Carter said...

You are showing wisdom in the way you are handling things. Yes the display of riches could very well build barriers. love you all!

Michelle said...

I am glad that God took what could have been a bad day and made it a wonderful day for you all to reach out to this precious family. God is surely giving you true wisdom! Love and Prayers, Michelle J

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather and Phillip,
May God continue to give you wisdom and strength as you reach those who are lost and dying around you. Our prayers are with you daily... and many times hourly. Love you all so much,
daryl and laura in Romania

Kimberly said...

Thankful you are able to reach out to this dear woman...and that you have taught your kiddos to be so flexible (even when it's not always easy!)..bless their hearts:)

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