Wednesday, June 27, 2007

~Bryan, my nephew, turns 4..I think!~

~Best Cousins...Noah is on the left, Bryan is on the right. Canada 2006! Poor Bryan must have had a skid on his nose while riding a bike or something!~

Happy Birthday Bryan! I hope you have a great Birthday there in Romania with your family, and the TLC team that is there with y'all right now too! We love you and your family bunches!


Vonnie said...

Happy Birthday Bryan!! We love you!! Love, U. Andrew, A. Vonnie and all the kids

Kelly S said...

Hi Heather. Cute boys!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. I'm sorry I can't answer your questions about about Rhoda. Nancy L. might be a better one to ask.

Also, in defense of my sister...I don't want to make her look bad. She didn't mean to laugh at me. It was rather a chuckle that she tried not to let me see. If you know Kim, you know she is too sweet to ever be mean! I know you already know that, but for those that might not know her - there you have it.

So glad everything worked out for your parents. God is GOOD!

Nancy said...

What a cute picture of boys and their trucks. I'm especially fond of the blondie...Noah? I think? I saw your question to Kelly on her blog regarding Rhoda. I do know her from her living here on campus. They just recently moved a couple blocks away. Her mother did pass away....if I remember right it was maybe fall of "06. I was in Music Classes with her and also had a connection to her as I lost my m-i-l to cancer a couple years back. We sort of compared notes from time to time when her mom and my m-i-l were battling cancer. They have a baby girl...she'll turn 1 in July. They named her Elizabeth Grace. (Her Elizabeth and our Caleb are just a few months apart...we compared notes often during pregnancies :) If you'd like to get in touch with her, I'll try to find out her email address. just let me know on my blog. I don't know it right off hand, but I'd be happy to find out if you like. Have a great evening! Thanks for your lovely comments...glad to know you had a green wedding too. Maybe you'll post pictures one of these days???

Liz said...

Hey, Heather! Aren't Tonkas the best? My little man is beginning to enjoy them and sand and dirt and all those boy things . . . :>)

I'm a faithful reader of your blog, though not a faithful commenter! :>) I really admire your ability to make-do and make a happy home in Colombia. You inspire me so often. Thank God for on-line stuff so we get to peak into your life and see the grace that God is giving you! It gives me the courage to get out of my comfort zone and try to reach the people in my neighborhood for Jesus. Five of the families that I call on are Hispanic - all right here on my street - so it feels like we have a little something in common in our ministry spots.

Better run - I'm looking forward to camp too - would love to see you there - wish there was a way to stream it live or at least get the messages archived somehow. Darrell's the sound guy - I'll have to talk to him and see.

Love, Liz

Anonymous said...

Dearest Aunt Heather,
Thank you for my birthday message. I did turn 4 and am loving being older. I did tell my Mommy that I wasn't going to get big, right now, at least... but that I WOULD be big one day! She loves me and with Jesus help and Ms.'Neta' as we call her, I did have a very special birthday. More pics later on Daddy's blog, Lord willing! love Bryan(and Mommy too)

Beth Dickinson said...

Happy Birthday Bryan!

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