Friday, June 8, 2007

~Our Anniversary~

~Us in the Gandola on our 12th anniversary!~

We had a wonderful 12th anniversary! Thanks for all y'all's kind comments! We went to Medellin as a family for a few days! We had a great time together.
~The kids got to see "Oliver Ostrich" at our 1 stop during our 9 hour trip to Medellin~

~Colombia is BEAUTIFUL! Some pics that Phillip took on the way to Medellin!~

Medellin is Colombia's 2nd largest city, about 6,000 ft. elevation. It is a VERY PRETTY city surrounded by mountains (like Bogota) with BEAUTIFUL, spring-like weather all year around! It reminded us of Flagstaff, AZ in the summer time! Since Medellin is a tad smaller city than Bogota, the people there are more trusting and more friendly. So...our poor kids got even more people talking to them, and noticing them and their lighter hair and blue eyes. Poor kids! =) We enjoyed eating the typical, DELICIOUS, Medellin food: a huge plate full of rice, beans, a fried egg, a fresh yummy salad, or platano, a piece of sausage, shredded beef, (or yummy roasted chicken), some bacon type meat, and a fresh juice to drink...all for the price of $2.50!
We also enjoyed other treats like green mango with lemon juice and salt (WE ENJOYED THAT IN HONOR OF YOU, VONNIE =), and a drink of fresh, COLD sugar cane juice with lemon. ~The kids with their sugar cane/lemon drink!~

Fresh hot coffee with milk and sugar (cafe con leche), and coffee smoothies, (had to have some of that for Colombia is known for their coffee you know ;), icecream, homemade potatoe chips with fresh squeezed lemon and salt, freshly baked breads from the bakeries, and lots of yummy avacados with salt, etc.
~A famous church in Medellin~

~A park for the kids to play in that is called, "The park of barefooted kids!"~

~Having fun in the "Barefoot" park~

~We saw Medellin's old train station, and one of their trains~

Medellin is known for making clothes, shoes, and for growing roses and flowers to sell. SO, MY DEAR MAN BOUGHT ME A NEW PAIR OF SHOES FOR OUR ANNIVERSARY...HE KNOWS THAT I'D RATHER HAVE SHOES THAN FLOWERS, OR ANY OTHER GIFT! My shoes are a light blue leather with holes in them and they have a beige ribbon woven through the holes and tied in a bow. OK...they are really CUTE, and I love them...but they are hard to explain! =) ~Medellin is a windy city, as you can tell by my skirt!~

Medellin also has a metro (light-rail) train that goes the length of the city.

It cost about 40 CENTS a person...AND YOU GET TO GO ALL OVER THE TOWN, AND RIDE THE GANDOLAS ALL THE WAY UP THE MOUNTAIN AND BACK DOWN...all for that price! Our kids loved riding the train and the gandolas. ~Us on the gandola~

Phillip did some preaching while we were there, and we made several house ministry calls to his friends there. ~Me holding a cute little baby in one of the houses we visited.~

~Us in front of our nice, cheap, ~but NOT FANCY~ hotel (on the right in the back of the picture!)~

~One of the 4,000 (OR MORE =) curves going to Medellin!~

Phillip happened to look out the window and see a sign that WARNED US OF A CURVE AHEAD...and he said, "If they would've put those "CURVE AHEAD" signs up on this whole 9 hour trip...they would have gone out of business!" HA! I was SICK before I got into the I was dreading the trip home. Sarah, who always gets bus sick, was sick both going and coming. Late last night...Phillip was in the back of the bus SICK, I was sitting in my seat SICK TOO (with Kimberly asleep on my lap), but I was happy for all 3 children were ASLEEP!....but not for long...for all of the sudden Noah sat up and got SICK all over his seat! I threw Kimberly's head off of my lap, and tried to balance myself as we are flopping back and forth going around corners, (but accidently sat on Kimberly's head and woke her up too, ={ then tried to help poor, sick, little Noah. Got him over on my lap and all was well...I THOUGHT...until he got sick again all over himself, me and my seat. WE WERE SMELLING WONDERFUL FOR THE LAST 2 HOURS OF THE TRIP! UGH!
~Trying to get some sleep on the bus...ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE!~

That trip was supposed to take 9 hours, but I think it took 49 hours! (it was 11 hours!) We got home at 2:30 AM and discovered that a bird somehow got into our house before we left. HE MUST HAVE WANTED TO "BUY" SOME OF OUR THINGS, FOR HE LEFT "DEPOSITS" ON SEVERAL OF OUR ITEMS! UGH! Noah found him DEAD on the floor under our dinning room table. =(
We had a wonderful time, and LOVE BEAUTIFUL Medellin...and would love to go back often...except for the 9 hour trip FILLED WITH CURVES!! =)


Tara said...

Oh, Heather....

What can we say?!? I was so right there with you through the whole discourse on your lovely trip...and then those last few paragraphs just made me wanna cry!! Bless your heart! I hope everyone is feeling better now. But to come home to bird 'deposits' in your HOUSE...YUCK!!!
I will say that I'm a little jealous of your cute shoes. (seems we share a shoe 'thing'!). I could tell exactly what you were describing. And your pics of the trip were adorable. Very photo-genic family!
Glad you arrived home safely, albeit a little stinky!!! ha!

Sherry L said...

I remember those horrid car-sick bus rides to San Diego when I was a 12 year old. One is SO sick that it is actually worse than pregnancy neausea because it is so intense for long hours. The destination of Medellin & home hopefully outweighs the horror of the sickness. Thank you for another beautiful posting, Heather.
Love, Mom/Dad Dickinson

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

What a beautiful Place! So glad that you all were able to take a little Family Trip and celebrate 12 Years!! Thank God you are a Family that is Truly Bound Together for the long haul!!!

Vonnie said...

Oooooo, I'm so jealous of the mangoes y limon y sal. Yummm Yummm Our mangoes here are going for about $2/piece.. so I don't indulge myself and the girls very often. Thanks for all the pictures, it sounds like you had a great time!!!!

~Heather~ said...

Sorry Vonnie that your mangos there are $2.00 each. =( We are able to buy them, all sliced up in a cup for 20 cents or so. BUT...if we want to buy yellow cheese, and things like that, we have to pay higher than American prices!

Love ya, Heather =)

Les said...

Thanks for the vivid detail of your trip! It looks so beautiful, and I'm glad your family had a great time! I wouldn't be able to handle that bus ride, I feel for you!

Marty said...

OHHH Heather.... I am soo sorry that you were all so sick on your trip home! The bus did look decent thou...I've been in busses in other countries that were a sad sight for a bus! People stacked upon people...I guess you know ALL ABOUT THAT!!!

Your rice dinner sounds wonderful!! I love rice cooked like that! I'll skip the coffee and mangos...give them to Vonnie!

I am soo happy to hear about your new shoes! New shoes makes a girl feel better!

The pictures of the fam are great. I love coming to your blog and seeing all that has happened in your lives. Technology is great when it is used to connect family and friends!! We love you and THANK YOU for loving people to Jesus! I'm proud to call you FAMILY!

Beth Dickinson said...

I'm glad you all had a great time and got home safe. We miss and love you all

Love Beth

The Going Blog said...

All I want to know is can you get scented wipes over there? For us curious folks you need to post a close up of your new shoes :) Happy Anniversary!! (belated)

Linda S said...

Neat account of your trip. Who would have thought on June 6, 1995, that you would have celebrated your 12th in Colombia? Be neat to see where you will be 12 years from now. I am sure God has something special.
Aunt Linda

Steve & Angela said...

WOW 12 years.. That is truly amazing.. Steve & I will be celebrating 12 years this comming Jan of 2008. And it does get better with every passing day!!!!! Blessings!!!

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

Belated happy anniversary! So glad you got to take the trip to Medellin, so sorry you all got sick on the bus ride. Uncle Dan and I will celebrate 38 years of marriage on August 23.

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