Saturday, June 2, 2007

~Sarah's Kindergarten Graduation~

Sarah's programs that Phillip made, her diploma, and her picture!

Well, God helped us...and the graduation and party were a success! I tell you, we were rushing around to get everything ready. With us buying the fresh fruits and veggies this morning at the market, it really MADE US RUSH to get everything cut up and done. I had wanted red and pink roses and God helped me find 24 ROSES for $3.00! (In Case you didn't know, Colombia provides 90% of USA's roses on Valentine's day!) Phillip helped me a lot (the whole family worked together to make this happen!) I wanted a 3 tier plate to serve the Choc. covered strawberries on, so came up with the idea that Phillip glue some of my CHEAP dollar store china together and make me one! =)

He also made the nice grad. program, and Carved the watermelon into a baby carriage.

We rushed around and basically had everything done when our first family arrived right on time....2:00...our next guest arrived at 2:15...and the rest arrived on LATIN AMERICAN TIME...and we started the graduation at 3:45! =)
~All of us waiting for the last guests to arrive~

There were 24 people here including our family! Praise the Lord for giving us "family" and friends in Colombia to help Sarah celebrate. The graduation went well. We had wanted it to be outside, but with us being in the rainy season, that was not possible, so we switched it to our garage and it turned out nicely there. Sarah marched in while I played "Pomp and Circumstance". A pastor friend prayed the Invocation, and then we PLEDGED TO THE AMERICAN FLAG, CHRISTIAN FLAG, AND BIBLE IN ENGLISH! Then Sarah and Kimberly both played a song on the piano, and Kimberly on the violin.

Sarah sang a solo in Spanish, and our family sang a special in Spanish too AND NOAH EVEN SANG! YEA!

The girls quoted James chapter 2:1-26 in English. Phillip gave a little sermon and did well, then he presented Sarah with her diploma, and another preacher friend prayed the Benediction. Then we went inside the house for the reception. Another preacher friend asked the blessing, and then I served the food. (There were 4 preachers here!) Notice my "Fish Bowl" punch bowl. =)

~Our Sarah~

Thank the Lord they enjoyed my "GRINGA FOOD"! (Food from the USA! =)

Sarah was thrilled to get lots of nice gifts....and even Kimberly, Noah and I got a couple gifts too! YEA!

We thank the Lord for a successful day!

~I made 11 of these platters with a loaf of my banana bread to give as a Thank You for each family that came.~

Now...where is my bed?! HA!


Sankey Family said...

Heather, I am sure that you will rest well tonight - but what a great post this is! I almost feel like I was there for the occasion. What a lot of work you did - but for such a wonderful cause - your sweet daughter.
The food looked just delicious and I'm SURE the people loved it, although I had the same thought when I served homemade pizzas to one of our pastors and family a few weeks ago....smiles....
Thanks for sharing your day with us and again, warm congratulations to Sarah!


Sherry L said...

Grandpa said this was a very pretty graduation, and that Sarah was a very cute graduate. Love, Grandma & Grandpa Dickinson-We have been waiting ALL day to see this post! Thank you for showing it to us tonight. All was elegant, and looked like it was enjoyed by your friends.

Kimberly said...

So sweet..and that watermelon looks great! Looks like everybody deserved a certificate at the end of the day:) Have a blessed weekend!

Roseanne said...

What beautiful pictures, and what great descriptions, Heather. I agree with Melodie, I felt like I was there. Sarah you look lovely and smart and sooo grown up. I love your curls and you looked really nice in your gown and cap. Congrats again on a job well done. You have passed a great milestone. Keep studying hard and soon you will be in college. You did really good.
Heather, your suit looks so cute, I love the little ties on the sleeves. And what a great idea about the three tiered stand. How creative. Your food looked wonderful. I can tell you put a lot of very hard work into it.

Gayle said...

Congratulations Sarah!
What a nice graduation! It was one of the nicest I have been to in a long time. Yes I feel like the others it was just like being there I could even taste those choc coverd strawberries! I will have to give you your graduation gift when you get back. Or maybe your Mommy and Daddy could get you something and I will give them the money.

jenny said...

Congratulations Sarah!

What a beautiful family you have, Heather! And what a privilege to raise them in another culture--challenging I'm sure, but oh the lessons they are learning. Not to mention the fact they will be bilingual.

Your party looked so, so nice and the take home platter--too cute.

Hope you caught some R and R over the weekend.

It's been so long since I've seen you--it was so nice to catch up on your blog.

jenny said...

p.s. I love your blog template!

Anita said...

Dear Heather,

I always enjoy visiting your blog. Your life as a missionary in Columbia is quite an adventure.

I've started a new book group for all my Christian women friends called Kindred Spirits Book Group. You are welcomed to join.

Linda S said...

Dear Heather,
Looked like a great celebration for a special girl. Ministry includes making our children feel very special. These are the things that help reach out to others and make them a part of your life. That's the way to build a work both in your own home and in the church. Tiring, fun, and beneficial. Love, Aunt Linda

Tamra said...

Everything looked so nice...and delicious! You are one creative lady!

Liz said...

You are amazing Heather! I love the three tier plate! :>) That's called ingenuity!

I read your updates regularly, but rarely take the time to reply. Thanks for all the encouragement you give just by being an happy servant of God. :>)
Take care!
Liz Stetler

Denise Truesdale said...

Congratulations Sarah! You've been a real trooper studying so hard and fast! Aunt Nesi is VERY proud of YOU.
Beautiful party, Heather! You did an outstanding job and look so calm cool and collected - like it was all catered in- not purchased and fixed that VERY day! You're a real product of Martha "Stewart" Bryant! Your mom must be so proud of you.

Jana said...

Oh Heather,

I continue to be amazed at your level of creativity and energy. What a wonderful celebration you made!! Congrats to Sarah!!

~Heather~ said...

Ladies, y'all are very kind...Thanks for your sweet comments about Sarah's graduation and reception! I COULD NOT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT GOD AND MY FAMILY'S HELP! We were frantically working all the way up until 2:00 (the time that the graduation was to start)PRAYING HARD that God would help us get everything done. Little did we know that we could have RELAXED for most of our guests arrived 1-2 hours late! =D
Roseanne, the suitcoat and skirt I bought at Savers Thrift store while shopping WITH YOU in Jan.!!=)
God bless each of you, your comments meant a lot to me! I REALLY MISS GETTING TO INTERACT WITH OTHER HOLINESS LADIES! So....Thanks for being my BLOG Buddies! =)
Love, Heather =)

Monte & Amy said...

looks like you all had a wonderful time.
love amy

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Heather, you are Incredible! Everything is Gorgeous, plus all the planning & practicing for the Program, AND gifts for the guests!!! Phillip you had better hang on to this Lady, she's a Keeper! ;-) Congratulations, Sarah!!

Rob & Deanna Kennedy said...

Ooops! Forgot to mention, Writing a LONG Poem for the Occasion as WEll! :-)

Tara said...

You are one terrific Mama. Your children are blessed to have you. I can only try to imagine how much work went into making that evening happen. Thank you for posting such great pics to make us feel like we were in Columbia too! Your children are going to have wonderful memories of not only the ministry that your family was involved in, but how much their parents cared about them to celebrate their accomplishments in life.

Blessings on you today!

Miss Janet AZ said...

A beautiful CELEBRATION as only YOU can do!!! You are an amazing coordinator!!! How precious... Please congratulate my little Sarah for me and tell her... "N hugs and NoooOOOoooooo KISSES!!" With all my love... I may try to come back out some time this year once I get my job situated!!! Except, I don't think I get to use the convenience of a wheelchair. :(

Beth Dickinson said...

You did a great job on the graduation Heather. ;-) Everything looked great.

Leah said...

Heather, what great memories your kids will have of all the hard work their mommy put into making their lives amazing!! You have such wonderful talents and what makes them even better is that you are using them for Jesus!

Kim M. said...

Wow! You and your family did an excellent job. I know if I were one of your people I would always come to your parties! Congratulations to beautiful Sarah!

Les said...

Your husband is very resourceful! Your girls are so blessed to have such a caring mom who loves them enough to do so much for them. I know how exhausting the planning is and to fix so much food, and do part in Spanish! All I can say is "WOW"!!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sarah,
Congratulations and how sweet you looked. Your hair is getting sooo nice and long. How delicious and beautiful everything looked, Heather(and family)... I was praying for your efforts and looks like Jesus more than answered your prayers! I love you Sarah and Darla says that she loves you too... xoxoxo from all of us, Hausman's in Romania

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

What a wonderful graduation for Sarah! Heather, you make me think of my sister, Kathy (Uncle Bill's wife). She homeschooled her daughters but made sure they had a jr/sr banquet (she rented the American Legion Hall and invited other young people from the church), she took the girls on a senior trip, etc.

Our granddaughter, Cheyenne, just graduated from "Pre-kindergarten". Our local public school district had their first pre-kindergarten this year at their special pre-kindergarten center. Her class had a special party at the end of the last day of school to which parents (and grandparents) were invited. Her Grandma Roper came and Uncle Dan and I were there. Her teacher gave them each photo albums of pictures she took throughout the year in the classroom. Cheyenne gave me a running commentary and knew each child's name. What a lift and great memories this gives to children!

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