Thursday, June 21, 2007

~We've been in Colombia for ONE YEAR now!~

One year ago tomorrow...we moved to Colombia!! A lot has happened in 1 year...and God has helped us to have a good year. Of course, there have been the rough times, but we have a lot of good memories from this year too. Here are a few of the highlights...of 2006-2007
JUNE 2006 We got to meet our dear church people in both of our churches. They are excited to have us here, and love us.
JULY 2006 DeWayne Joslin and Helbert came to visit. We met our dear Colombian friends Carlos and Gloria. They have been a life saver in helping us get settled here. We are sooo glad to have them as our friends/"family" in Colombia!
AUG. 2006 We got to move into our OWN home...after living with a gracious lady for 2 months and 3 days.
SEP. 2006 Phillip turned 33. God helped us in our churches. Our dinning room table, chairs and china cabinet FINALLY came. YEA!
OCT. 2006 "Grandpa" Darwin Edwards came to see us!!

We got "Christmas in Oct." from our dear Gospel Center church in AZ.

NOV 2006. Miss Janet came to see us and we got Christmas from our dear Christian Nation Church, and our dear friends in CA, and dear Miss Janet herself! We had a blast having Janet here! Heather turned 33.

DEC. 2006 Phillip got to dedicate 3 babies to Jesus! Seeing our church people growing Spiritually! Sarah turned 6. Due to not to having our Colombian visas yet, we had to leave Colombia and got to be in the USA for Christmas... YEA! =) We had a wonderful Christmas and were VERY LOVED by friends and family alike!
JAN. 2007 Kimberly turned 9, and Noah turned 3. Returned to Colombia, and the CNC work team of 6 people came with us. (Our director, Mark Becker, his daughter Kelly, Bro. and Sis. Carter, and son Gary, and Bethany Mills).
~The team from CNC and us in front of a neat salt mine here that is now opened to the public and has a Cathedral built inside it.

We really appreciated having them here, we had a blast, and they got a lot of work done in our churches here! Right before they left, we finally got our living room furniture. We had lived in the house for 5 months without any thing in our living room. We were THRILLED to have a place to sit down, and it was (is) comfortable too! =)
FEB. 2007 We finally got bedroom furniture after sleeping on a mattress on the floor for 7 months. =) DeWayne and Renee Joslin and Helbert and his family came. They set up the school and did a lot of work while they were here. We loved having the Joslins with us. I enjoyed having an American friend to talk to, and be with.

MAR. 2007 Phillip started his ministry in Medellin!
APRIL 2007 We had "IHC" here in Colombia...for we got to listen to all the services through streaming audio. We also got to talk to Moma on the phone Live, during the IHC International Service. That was very special to us.
MAY 2007 AFTER WORKING FOR 11 MONTHS, AND PAYING LOTS OF MONEY...GOD GAVE US OUR COLOMBIAN VISAS AND ID CARDS TOO!!! YEA! God is working in Medellin and in our churches here in Bogota!
JUNE 2007 Sarah's kindergarten graduation, Phillip and I's 12th anniversary, our Medellin trip. And that wraps up a year! Thank each of you for all of your thoughts, care, concern, financial support, and prayers during this year...We could not make it without y'all! We are a there, and us here. =)


Vonnie said...

Wow! It doesn't even seem like a year. (to me anyway:) It has been very interesting to read about what is going on there and how God is helping. Love you guys!!!

Les said...

I loved taking the trip down memory lane. Since I've recently "met" you I didn't know all these interesting facts. You're family and committment never cease to amaze me!

Gayle said...

It just seems like yesterday! What an interesting year you have had.
Isn't it time for a trip to the states? Sorry for keeping you on the edge with my story. It won't be much longer and all the details will come:)

maryellenhuff said...

Hi Heather - I don't think we've ever met but I went to HSBC with Laura and Daryle. Lenita has sent me two emails in the last few days and today I posted them on my blog. Since you know her well and she is with your sister I thought you might enjoy reading them, I don't have your email address but I knew you had a blog so thought I'd get the message to you this way. My blog site is

Michelle said...

Never a dull moment! God is using your family in an awesome way. It sure does not seem like it has been a year but, it has. I am looking forward to praying with your family and for your family for many more years! Love Michelle J

kayla said...

What a year! Keep up the good work. You are in our prayers.

Leah said...

Heather - thanks so much for posting like you do. 1) It helps us know how to pray more specifically for you! 2) It gives us a glimpse into the life of missionaries and 3) It makes me VERY thankful for the blessings I have!!

Kimberly said...

Congrats. and blessings (& praise for safety) on a year well-lived!:)

David and Sarah Fry said...

What an amazing year. Even with the hard times, it is such an incredible opportunity for you and your kids. Their world is so much bigger than so many kids even know about...

Hey - maybe when you come back to the states next time you can stop by Frankfort and visit us!! What fun we would have.

David and Sarah Fry said...

Hey! I just looked back at one of your comments about your parents moving.

Westfield is only about 45 minutes from us! I know your visits back are full to the brim with everyone you have to see, maybe our paths will cross at a service somewhere....

Anonymous said...

Iread in my devotional about it being your one year anniversary and prayed for your hearts. You are right... LOTS has happened since that sad day we all had to say goodbye to you all. Jesus helps our hearts though when we fully surrender to His will and I'm EVER so glad. Love your sister, Laura in Romania We luv U!

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