Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's 3 of the GREATEST Dad's in the World!

~Daddy, Moma, and Andrew, Lincoln, Laura, and I~

My Daddy! Words cannot express what you mean to me (us)! Thank you for serving Jesus, and for raising me (us) how to as well. I could never have chosen a better family, I LOVE MY FAMILY: You, Moma, Andrew, Lincoln, & Laura!! Thank you for being the best Daddy ever. Thanks for loving GOD FIRST, FOR LOVING MOMA NEXT, and showing we kids how to have a happy Marriage, and stay in love. (Happy 46th ann. soon! =) Thanks for loving we kids next after Moma. Thanks for always having family devotions, and allowing us to have great discussions and making family time happen. Thanks for arranging great vacations (even camping our way all the way to Alaska), or taking revival meetings and driving out of your way going or coming so that we would get to see neat historic things, and helping me get to be in every state but 1 or so of the USA! Thanks for making we girls take piano lessons (Thanks to you, I do know where middle C is now =)! Thanks for helping me to go to God's Bible School, and being there to encourage me through all 5 years. Thank you for accepting my Phillip like your own son, and for loving our 3 precious children that God has given us. Thanks for moving to Phoenix, AZ to help in the church there. We had a GREAT 2 years together...before God called us to Colombia! Thanks for supporting our decision to go to Colombia. Thanks for all you and Moma's love, support, care and advise...and for being there for us through all that life hands us. We love you bunches, and GLAD THAT YOU ARE OUR DAD! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! ~You and Moma originally had only had 4....
and look what we've grown to you and Moma have 8 "kids", and 15 grandkids! =)
A year ago God made it possible for my WHOLE family to be together, for the first time in 4 or 5 years. Our family is VERY close, but you see, with my oldest brother Andrew and his dear wife Vonnie, and their 6 kids living in Alaska, my other brother Lincoln and his dear wife and their 2 kids living in Virgina, my sister Laura and her nice husband Daryl and their 4 kids being missionaries in Romania, and me (the BABY=) and my family missionaries in Colombia, and my parents pastoring in makes it hard to get together much. But we had an AWESOME TIME in June! There were 26 of us (including Grandma) in one house! =) WE HAVE WONDERFUL MEMORIES FROM THAT TIME TOGETHER...THAT WILL LAST A LIFE TIME!!

Happy Father's Day Dad D. Thank you for serving Jesus...and making Him #1 in y'all's home! Thank you for loving Mom D. faithfully...and showing Phillip and I how to stay in Love and happily married. Thank you for raising Phillip to be the wonderful man that he is! You and Mom D. did a GREAT job! Thanks for all the hours of HARD Work to place your boys in Christian schools. And thanks for accepting me as your daughter, and loving the 3 precious children that God has given us. Thanks for you and Mom's supporting our decision to follow God's will to come to Colombia. We love you bunches, and wish you a Very Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day...Phillip! You are the best Daddy to our 3 bundles of Joy. You love God, you love me, and you love our 3 precious children too! You put your family first, always loving us, and taking time for us. You keep our life fun, yet focused on God. Thank you for helping us to get to Heaven! You have a servant's heart. Thanks for faithfully having family devotions, and for just being the BEST! Kimberly, Sarah, Noah and I wish you a VERY HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!


Les said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes! I'm so happy your whole family could be together last year, what wonderful, lifelong memories you made! My dad didn't get saved until I was 20 years old. He was always a good father, not a Godly one. Now he is both. He actually put me in a christian school and sent me to church with my grandparents. The change in him now is so great, and I do wish he would have had Jesus when I was growing up. My parents divorced before he was saved, after 20 years of marriage. That really messes with a teenagers mind!! My goal in life (now my dad's too) is to make sure my kids would be brought up in the Word and know what it is like for a mom and dad to truly love each other. My dad is the number one supporter of mine and Scott's marriage. Together as a family we teach my kids about Jesus and love.
God Bless You and all your family this Father's Day!!

ERGoing said...

Heather, I just wanted to let you know that I tried your Cappuccino Muffin recipe this morning for my husband an early Father's Day treat, since he likes coffee so well. He really enjoyed them and the recipe made enough for me to share with my grandson and his new bride who really enjoys coffee, also.

Enjoy your blog,

Ella Ruth Going

Beth Dickinson said...

Happy Father Day to all 3!


Heather you are always so good with words!

ERGoing said...

Heather, I forgot to add that I cooked the muffins only 12 minutes in my electric stove oven and they were moist and delicious.

I am Martha Going's mother in-law.

Tell, your husband, I have enjoyed sharing his soup adventure with family members. :~)


Steve & Angela said...

Heather~ That was beautiful!!! Life is so much brighter when you have MEN in your life that lead by example and love and uplift. I am so lucky as to have a husband who is all of that and a father n law and my own dad I am getting to know. My 1st father went to heaven when I was but a little girl and I miss him dearly ( my papa johnson) Thanks for the post and wow that is a nice pic of your family together. HAPPY FATHERS DAY to you phillip!!!!

Sherry L said...

Dad said to tell you he has two Number 1 daughter-in-laws--you & Beth are both Number 1! He also said, Thank you-you are so kind. Love, Dad/Mom Dickinson

Phillip D said...

Thank you, sweetheart Heather. I love you, Kimberly, Sarah, and Noah dearly. There is not a man living on earth who is more blessed than I.
All my love,
Dad D. and Dad B, a happy Father's Day to you on my blog.

kayla said...

Beautiful tribute to your three "Dads". I know that tomorrow will be busy for you, but I hope Philip has a wonderful day. We got ourselves some good men.

Kimberly said...

Good words, Heather and I appreciate your Dad's strong, Godly character..and Philip's.

Gayle said...

Happy Father's! What a nice tribute!
Sorry:( I have been gone for awhile and did not have much time to blog. I will try to catch up on your posts.

Janella said...

well I got caught up on your life last week. I just think you do a terrific job of being a Mommy and wife and missionary. I don't know totally the sacrifice it is, but I know it is one and may Jesus bless you for it! Have a great week! Great tribute to you Daddy!

Sherry L said...

Dad said, Phillip is smart, a hard worker, an awesome daddy-and he loves him very much. Dad said, Phillip is his spiritual hero and he takes his hat off to him for what he is doing in missions and in raising his family. Happy Father's Day! Love, Dad & Mom Dickinson

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

Hi Heather and Phillip. I haven't read your blogs in quite a while so have much to catch up. Love your tribute to your Dad,Dad-in-law and husband. You and Phillip are very precious. We love you.

Sherry L said...

Thank you Heather for taking time to post this kind tribute to Dad D. You are one thoughtful girl & we love you very much. Dad said He always wanted some daughters and finally got some good ones.:-) He said, he got the BEST. Love, Mom/Dad Dickinson

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