Friday, June 1, 2007

~Sarah Graduates tomorrow~

Twas the night before Sarah's graduation, & all through the house...
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. (I HOPE NOT! =)
The house had all been cleaned with lots of care,
In hopes that the graduation guests soon would be there.

The plans had all been worked out, and well laid,
The Spanish songs practiced, and the food nearly made.
Our lil' Sarah is as excited as can be...
Now if I can get the last minute things done, is the KEY! =)

The menu consists of these yummy foods...
All snack items, that I trust will be good.
Chicken salad sandwiches on my homemade rolls,
Southern tea, & a strawberry/lemonade ice ring, in my "fish bowl". =) (punch bowl)

A yummy-looking recipe I found, of a B.L.T. Dip,
& I'll serve with it veggies and chips.
A watermelon carved into a carriage for a doll,
Filled with fruit: strawb, grapes, melon, and watermelon balls.

Fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate...not good for a diet,
And lil' Smokies in yummy BBQ sauce, you've got to try it.
2 Cakes, "Tres Leches" & a Strawberry jello cake,
With Strawberries on top...both easy to make. ;)

Sarah loves the doll "Strawberry Shortcake"
So we decided that ... our theme to make.
Thus lots of Strawberries and pink,
It ought to be a fun grad. & party...Don't ya think?

If everyone comes that we've invited,
There'll be 26 people here, ... we're EXCITED.
And as each family goes to leave,
A loaf of my banana bread they'll receive.

Thanks to all who put a comment on Kimberly's made ONE HAPPY GIRL!! =)


Sankey Family said...

What a beautiful little girl and what a happy milestone! I hope the graduation goes well and wow, don't I wish for a quick flight into Bogota to enjoy that delicious luncheon that is prepared for tomorrow!

I'm curious - how do you find all those "specialty" foods there in Bogota? Several of the things you mentioned are ones that I can't find here in Salamanca. Anyway, that's wonderful - and I hope your day tomorrow is especially blessed!

~ from Mexico

~Heather~ said...

Thanks Jordan, Cameron, and Logan for signing my post on Mommy's blog. WE'D LOVE TO COME AND VISIT Y'ALL THERE! We could talk in Spanish, and we'd love to go and see the Volcano, we girls love things like that. So glad y'all are done with school for this year...I'm almost done. Have a wonderful day, and come see us anytime. =)
Kimberly in Colombia.
PS Melodie, We are blessed to be able to get most American type foods here. (Of course there are exceptions, but for the most part we can get what we want. I cannot get good choc. chips, P. Butter-- unless we drive to the NORTH and pay $7.00 for a small jar, and most stores don't have good marshmellows, theirs taste like GUM or somthing. =) God put us in a good place, for we have a mall right down from us. So, that's how I can get some of those specialty foods, for I shop in the 2 groc. stores there in the mall. (They are the closet groc. stores to me, and since we have no car, and it's not safe for me to do the buses and taxis alone, I'm very glad that I have those 2 groc. stores.) Sorry for the things that you cannot get, that's sad. Susan (Marty's sister, my cousin) had her baby last night by C-section at 10:00 PM. If you want to see pics go to Christa, Susan's youngest sisters blog. Praise the Lord that he arrived safely!!
Take care, love ya,
Heather =)

Beth Dickinson said...

Congratulation Sarah we are so proud of you. I can't believe you are done with Kindergarten now.

Aunt Beth, Uncle Michael and Baby Isaiah

Vonnie said...

OH dear!! I can't believe she's graduating. Congratulations Sarah, U. Andy and A. Vonnie are very proud of you. You finished school in no time flat. That means you worked extra hard and are a good learner. We love you and miss you very much! Love, Vonnie

Sherry L said...

WE LOVE YOU-OUR GRADUATING GIRL! Has there ever been a sweeter "Ruh-Ruh" than our Sarah? We think not! We are as excited as you are for all of the school work you have finished. Our love, Grandma & Grandpa Dickinson

Les said...

She's such a beautiful girl! Loved your poem also, you are so talented in many ways!

Janette said...

Congratulations, Sarah on all your good, fast, hard work! What fun you are going to have at your party! Your Mommy is amazing and great to make all that yummy food and make this such a special time for you!

Kelly S said...

Hi Sarah. My name is Katie. I wish I could come to your party. I hope you have a fun time with your friends. My sister's name is Kara and I'm 4-years-old. I like strawberry shortcake dolls too and I especially like strawberry cake! I like heart cakes too. I pray for you at devotions time. I would like to see pictures of your party. Love, Katie

Linda S said...

Congradulations, Sarah, you have accomplished a big thing.
Great Aunt Linda

Connie Lavy said...

Congratulations Sarah, great job!
I like your pictures. You look nice in your cap and gown.

Susanna Pilmore said...

Yeah for Sarah!!!! We are so proud of you!! You look so beautiful in your cap and gown!!I wish we could be there to help celebrate with you and of course eat all that yummy food your mommy made!!! We love and miss you!! Have a great "summer" break.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Sweet Sarah,
How pleased we are that you are finished with school AND SO FAST!!! Your picture is so sweet. How we'd love to get to be there with you tonight... but you'd have to translate it all for us, since we don't know that language that you speak! :) I'm soooo glad that Jesus worked it all out for you to have so many special guests... The treats that you and your Mommy are making for your food makes me hungary!!! I love you, Aunt Laura

Tara said...

Congratulations, Sarah! What a big accomplishment! I know your family is very proud of you. I hope you have a wonderful summer break.
Tara (your cousin Marty's friend) :)

Emily pilmore said...

Happy graduation Sarah!!That is so exciting.I wish I could come down and celabrate with you!

Michelle said...

Sarah - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is an awesome accomplishment! You are very beautiful in your cap & gown!!! Michellej

Marty said...


We are so proud of you and how hard you worked to finish so quickly!

You look so pretty in your cap and gown!

Kim M. said...

Congratulations Sarah!

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

Sarah, you are a beautiful graduate of kindergarten. You have worked hard and now you will be in first grade! Congratulations! Love, Grand-aunt Ellen and Grand-uncle Dan.

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