Saturday, June 30, 2007

~Happy Anniversary Daddy and Moma!~

(Just talked to Daddy, and they are safe at their new home in IN...Thanks for your prayers!)
I know you may not get to read this on my blog...since you have just moved to Westfield, IN., but I want to wish y'all a VERY HAPPY 46th wedding anniversary! Wow! That is Great that y'all are celebrating that many years together. In a day and age where COMMITMENT...FOR Marriage, (Shacking up is the "norm" now =( and COMMITMENT...IN Marriage is not found too often, it is even more SPECIAL that y'all have been FAITHFUL TO EACH OTHER, TO YOUR VOWS, AND TO GOD for 46 years!

Though Phillip and I have only been married for 12 years, I know by now that MARRIAGE IS WORK! Of course Marriage is wonderful, fun, awesome, etc. when one has a Godly mate, but one has to WORK at:
1. Not dwelling on the faults of your mate,
2. Remembering your own faults that your mate has to put up with in you,
3. Not trying to change your mate,
5. And staying in Love with your MATE and GOD too! Just like serving God...Love in marriage is a CHOICE...not just an emotion!
For our wedding, my good friend Kimberly got us a neat wedding calender that is called, "Love for a Lifetime" by Dr. James Dobson. I love it, because each day I read either a Scripture, a neat saying, or a CHALLANGE about marriage. The one for today was, "Guard your relationship against erosion as if you were protecting your very lives." AMEN!
I have just been thinking about how much satan does NOT want HAPPY marriages, and HAPPY Christian Families and Homes! That makes me MAD at satan, and makes me want to stay on my knees in prayer, be the BEST WIFE AND MOMMY I can be, and determine to celebrate 50 years...PLUS of Marriage with the one that CHOSE ME OVER ANY OTHER LADY IN THE WORLD!! =) ~Daddy and Moma with their 15 precious GRANDchildren!~

Thank you Daddy and Moma for your wonderful example to us. Loving, Forgiving, Asking Forgiveness, Giving, Taking, Praying, Kissing, Hugging, and Staying in Love for 46 wonderful years. I know that it's not always been easy...there have been times when y'all were raising we 4 kids on $25.00 a MONTH...if you even got that, but because your Faith was in God...He brought you through, and those times showed we children how to have Faith in God too! Thank you for loving each other, putting each other first...and making God the HEAD of your Home! Thank you Moma for being a wonderful, loving, submissive, Prov. 31 Wife! Thank you Daddy for being a caring, Godly leader of our home, and trying to love Moma as Christ loves the church! We love y'all both and hope that you have a WONDERFUL the midst of your boxes that need unpacked! =)


Marty said...

Happy Anniversary Aunt Martha and Uncle Edgar!!! Wow! 46years!!! 4 more years and we can have a BIG party!!! I promise NOT to wear a mauve dress!!! OR SING! Poor Granddaddy and Grandmother put up with alot with us! Love ya bunches!

Marty ----Your namesake!

Marty said...

OHHH Heather, Am I ever feeling terrible!! As you now can read on my blog, we went to Larry's Mom and Dad's camp. While I was there I saw a lady that I recognized, but didn't know that I looked at your blog again...IT WAS YOUR SISTER-IN-LAW BETH!!! I should have said Hello!!! Feeling quite stupid to say the least!!! I hope she didn't know me and think I was being a snob!!! Hopefully she will read this and understand why I didn't say anything to her! Love ya bunches!

Gayle said...

Happy Anniversary! Your right Heather It is getting very rare to hear that couples are married this long. I know when I mentioned we were married 35 years people were in shock they said you don't hear to much of that anymore it is very sad!
We love your Mom and Dad and we are praying for them.

Sherry L said...

Martha and Edgar are a wonderful couple that I have enjoyed knowing since we met you, Heather. They are cream of the crop people and a good example to follow in making one's marriage what it should be. They have been a blessing in our life. Sherry & Bud Dickinson

Kimberly said...

What sweet parents you have...and they are looking GREAT for 46 years! glad they are at the new home...I'm sure it will look beautiful quickly, w/your Mom's touch. Blessings to all!

Beth Dickinson said...

lol, I'm very sorry to say that I didn't recognize you. So don't feel stupid. Even if I did it would have not bothered me at all if you didn't come and say Hi ;-).

Beth D ;-)

Anonymous said...

Heather, I was checking out your blog a couple days late and showed Bryan Gram and Gramp's picture and asked him, "Who are they?" He smiled really big and said "Gramp!" and then added... "I miss them!" we all do... Happy Anniversary Moma and Daddy... you are the BESTEST in all the world... love you eldest daughter, Laura in Romania

Kim M. said...

What a sweet tribute to your parents. I would love to sit down to talk with your mom some time. She must be an awesome lady! I remember her (from that time we met) and was really impressed.

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