Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Birthday Laura!

(Laura and Daryl are hosting a TLC team right now, so I really don't expect her to see this, but just in case she gets a minute to view my blog, I want her to know that I was thinking about her in Colombia! =) Laura, I hope that you have a great day. Wish we could be together for your birthday! I love you tons, and AM THRILLED THAT YOU ARE MY SISTER! You are a dear!
~Laura and I in the Castle on Heart Island, in 1,000 Islands N.Y., June 2006. Daryl, Laura, Phillip and I took a double date!~

~Laura and I being "Twinkies" (twins!)~

Though we had interesting times growing up: cleaning our room, and throwing it all under the bed...that is until Daddy looked under the bed and found the mess...than we had to spend lots more time putting it all where it went. =( Me using up all of your bubble bath that was a gift to you. (But, remember, I got you some more to replace it, just a couple years ago. HA!)
~Laura, Lenita, and I in Canada~

You and I got on each other's nerves when we were growing up...for you were nearly born sanctified, and I was nearly born without a conscience. =)
~We had a double date, Laura, & Daryl, Phillip & I in Canada 06~

But...now we are the "BESTEST" of Friends...and I wouldn't trade you for the world! So glad that we both love Jesus, and love to play the piano, bake, cook, sew, scrapbook, be good wives and Mommies, etc. We'd love to come and visit you and your family over in Romania, and have y'all visit us here in Colombia...but since that's not possible right now, just know you are in my thoughts.
~Phillip and I on our double date with Daryl and Laura~

I love you!!
Have a wonderful birthday, dear sister...you deserve it!!
~Laura and her man!~


Beth Dickinson said...

Happy Birthday Laura!

Your a good sister Heather. Even if you did use all the bubble bath.lol ;-)

Love you

Les said...

Happy Birthday! What a beautiful post for your sister!

Vonnie said...

Awwwwww!!! Happy Birthday, Laura!!! I never can remember when your birthday is because you don't ever seem to remind us as OTHER members of the family do.. ;) heehee, and you don't seem to have a birthday WEEK like other members of the family do... :) That must be the "born sanctified part". :) Have a great day!! Love, Vonnie

Sherry L said...

I never knew where the 1.000 Islands were and now I know! Tne "nearly" no conscience & n-sanctified made me laugh & remember my two boys growing up. Your sisterly love for each other now, also reminds me of my two boy's brotherly love for each other now. Love is wonderful.
Happy Birthday Laura! Love, Mom Dickinson

Gayle said...

Happy Birthday Laura! The place you all stayed looks beautiful!
That was great that you could all be together.
Sis E

Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
Thank you so much for your birthday message! I love you! We so enjoyed that stay away... with Moma and Daddy keeping all of our 7 kids!! :) Love you so much, I'd better get busy... we are having so much fun (with a little work and laundry too!) :) I did have a wonderful day yesterday. The team spoiled me for my B-day!! Laura

Making Memories 1999 said...

Happy belated birthday to Laura too!!! I just got the word today, but the wishes are just as "current"!! :o) You're a sweet sis to post the blog!!

AuntEllen&UncleDan said...

I thought Thousand Islands was a salad dressing. :)

So, I looked up 1000 Islands, NY and here is the website: http://www.1000islands.com/. Very interesting and I'd like to go sometime. It would be great to rent a cabin and visit all the "have to see" places.

Happy birthday, Laura. I haven't met you, but I've met your sister and she is very sweet. I can tell from your posts to one another you share a very good sister relationship -- like me and my 6 sisters! :) We have Super Sisters Special Weekends together -- at one of our homes or in a hotel somewhere -- where we all get together and visit. Once we rented a hotel suite and looked up things to do, except we were so busy visiting in the hotel suite, we forgot to go anywhere.

Love, Aunt Ellen

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