Friday, June 22, 2007

~Happy 17th wedding Anniversary Daryl and Laura!~

This is late for our Internet company has been having problems the last 3 days, so I could not get on to post this. =( BUT...PRAISE THE LORD WE ARE RECONNECTED WITH Y'ALL AGAIN!! HOPEFULLY THEY HAVE FIXED THE PROBLEM...WE'LL HAVE TO SEE! =0) (Seriously, I cannot tell you how SAD, and trapped I felt, for our long distance phone line didn't work, nor our about missing hearing from family and friends! But, we count our blessings...for years ago, missionaries didn't have Internet, and couldn't make phone calls either! =)
~Laura and her man June 2006~

Today, June 22nd, my dear sister Laura and her dear man have been happily married for 17 years! Laura, I love you tons, and Daryl, we are soooo glad to have you a part of our family, and we love you, and y'all's kids too bunches! I hope that y'all had a GREAT day!!!

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Vonnie said...

Heather, I read about your internet outage up here in the news!! I wondered if it affected you. Glad you're back on now!

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