Wednesday, October 1, 2008

~Some pics from our Sunday~

~Two indications of a person's character are what makes him laugh and what makes him cry.~ Guide Lamps for God's Lambs.
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(I wasn't able to access my blog nor any of y'all's blogs for a couple days...and I was SAD!! But PRAISE THE LORD I can now!! =)
We had a good Sunday. A good service Sunday morning and a good service Sunday night as well. Here are some pics from the good Lord's day that God gave us.
~Since we have no nursery in our churches...I used these 2 plastic kid's chairs to put together to make a bed for Elijah on Sunday morning during church. (He was laying down right in front of where I was sitting.) =)~
~A picture of our Sunday morning church with their new chairs. They are VERY happy to have these chairs that God helped them purchase with their offerings.~
~Kimberly has been wanting some tables for her classroom at church for a long time. Well, here recently our church was able to purchase 2 children's tables with their offerings. Kimberly started up her Sunday school class again, and here is a picture of her class last Sunday. (another boy came in later.)~We had a good Sunday dinner and then went to church Sunday afternoon. Then after church on Sunday night..our friend John and his daughter came over for a French bread snack (with a special sauce, fried ham, chopped tomatoes and melted cheese that I posted back in Feb. or March of this year) a fresh salad, fresh homemade grape juice, and some yummy mini Oreo cheesecakes that I plan to post the recipe for soon. (Since their Mom doesn't live with this family, John and his kids REALLY enjoy fellow-shipping with our family and enjoy the snacks that I prepare too. We enjoy their fellowship and I LOVE preparing meals and having company over.)
~For some time I've been wanting to get one of these neat ships for Noah's room, and on Sunday our dear friend John gave us 2 of them that HE HAD MADE...the smaller one for Noah's room and the larger one for our family. What special gifts!!~
Thank you for your prayers for God's protection on us physically. Using public transportation we are always in danger of getting hit as we cross the streets, or of getting into wrecks in the taxis, etc.


Rob and Deanna said...

I love those boats! So cute.

sherryldickinson said...

I love the title of the book that Sarah is reading in the last post. I guess she is getting an early start on Motherhood. All of these pictures are wonderful! It's the next best thing to getting to be there at your house for a visit, and I don't need the calories that eating your desserts would afford me. So, I'm finding other ways to find calories to eat! Ha! Well, not really a-Ha!, it's more like a-Sob!
Love, Your mother-in-law, Sherry

sherryldickinson said...

Hey! It is awesome seeing so many men in your church service. There are more than there were when you left to come to the States for hairy, blond, Elijah's birth. Wonderful!
Love, Mom D

Vonnie said...

Very nice that the church people could buy their own chairs and little table!! The "ships" are beautiful!!

Regina said...

How neat that Kimberly is teaching her own Sunday School class. That french bread snack sounds wonderful! I'll have to go back and read the blog you said it was on! Have a great day!

Sarah Cook said...

That quote on the top of your post was exactly what I needed tonight. It challenged me! I hope it is okay that I copy it and post it in my house... I have done that with alot of Scriptures lately.
I have really enjoyed your posts. I admire your family's faith, strength, patience, and love. It is so wonderful seeing a family who works together as a team. May God continue to bless your ministry!

The Sayler Family said...

Heather - I have an urgent prayer request for the Weingards. If you link to my blog the details are there. Thanks so much. I have confidence in your and Phillip's prayers.

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