Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~A Yummy Recipe & a few pics from our House~

Thank you to whoever was the anonymous person who put that recipe for pumpkin muffins on my blog comments. It looks yummy and I look forward to trying it. (But it would be more fun knowing who's name to put with the recipe. Hint...Hint. =)
~This is a YUMMY dessert!! I made it here and Colombians don't usually have desserts nor do they like really rich things, but they loved this dessert.~

Chocolate Brownie Trifle

This delicious dessert will definitely disappear right before your eyes. A favorite at parties and super easy to make.

Batch of Brownies ( Boxed mixes are fine )
Chocolate Pudding ( 2 batches ) (since I haven't found choc. pudding here in Colombia, I used vanilla and it was yummy too.)
Large container of Whipped Topping
Toffee Chips

Make a batch of brownies and let cool. Then make 2 batches of chocolate pudding and refrigerate. In a bowl, break up 1/3 of your brownies and lay them on the bottom of the bowl. Next, a layer of chocolate pudding. Then a layer of Whipped topping. On top of the whipped topping a thin layer of toffee chips. Repeat 2 times. Top with extra toffee chips. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Kids and adults will love this dessert.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~Kimberly and Sarah's violin teacher had a birthday in July, but I was still in the USA. When I got back, she told me that she missed her piece of birthday cake like I made for her last year. So, I gave her a piece of the above dessert and I had a candle stuck down in it that was a question mark (since I didn't know how old she was) and we sang Happy Birthday to her, which made her happy. Sarah is happy for she is out-growing her violin that Michelle and Nate Jewett gave her back in 2005...so she gets to get another one soon. (But she wants to keep this one too!! My Sarah is VERY sentimental with her things!!!)~
~With a big brother like Noah who puts his toy hard hat on Elijah...Elijah raises his hand for SPECIAL prayer that he'll survive life. =)~
~My dear friend Marisol came over Friday night. She wanted me to show her again how to make my french bread. We also had a yummy dinner together and a great visit. I always love it when she comes over.~
~Our supper with Marisol.~~One of our 4 loaves of French bread that Marisol and I made together.~
~Sarah had been reading a book and fell asleep while reading it. Noah had been sleeping in the living room chair and had fallen out of the chair onto the floor. Phillip snapped this picture before he carried them upstairs and put them both in their beds.~
~On Saturday we went over to visit Bro. Jimmy since he just had his eye surgery on Wednesday. We had a nice visit with their family and Farly made us a Delicious meal. Our girls always enjoy being with Jimmy and Farly's girls. Here Kimberly and Lady are on the top bunk and Sarah and Gaby below.~
~Brother Jimmy and Elijah on Saturday when we went to visit he and his family. They LOVE Elijah. (Jimmy and Farly lost their precious 6 month old boy 10 years ago. I have NO CLUE how they have lived with that grief...except for God's grace.)~
In a few days I'll post some pictures from our Sunday.


Beth said...

Love all the pics.
Love the pic of Sarah and Noah asleep. ;-)

Miss you all very much

Marty said...

Thank the Lord Jimmy is recovering great! I have been praying for him and his family.

lila said...

All of the pics are great but the one of Elijah raising his hand, of course your comment is hilarious. I howled. I'm so glad you have friends to share life in Columbia with. Thanks for posting. love you tons

Regina said...

The french bread and brownie dessert looks yummy! Bread and chocolate are 2 of my favorite foods!

Scott and Libby said...

Sutherland staples (bread and brownies) :)
You can skip the barley green now you have arrived.

Love ya
Aunt Libby

emily said...

I can't wait to make that desert. It looks yummy!! Let Jimmy know lots of people are praying for him.

Love, Susanna Pilmore

Vonnie said...

I love all the pictures!! That dessert looks awesome. Did you make the pudding from scratch or use the boxed kind? Poor Elijah... my younger boys could tell him what he'll have to face from his older brother, but maybe he doesn't want to be discouraged yet! :)

Kimberly said...

That pic of of the "prayer requestor" is too funny!!! So glad your friend's eye is improving.

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