Thursday, October 16, 2008

~Thanksgiving and Christmas in October.~

After our fun at the park with the boat ride...we then visited with some of our friends and saw their new little baby boy.
~Our dear friends Carlos and Gloria just had a baby boy too. Our Elijah Phillip and their Joel Phillip are 4 1/2 months apart.~~It was so nice to visit with Carlos and Gloria again. God sent them into our lives 2 years ago, and they helped us get our Colombian visas, and rent our house. Without them, we would not be able to work for Jesus here.~
~Then our family went to the airport and met up with our friend Tim from the USA who brought us a suitcase of gifts and goodies from my parents in IN. (It is MUCH cheaper to get things when someone comes to see us, then to ship things here!!) It is always fun to see someone else from the USA and speak in English with them. (Since the suitcase could only weigh 50 lbs. my parents packed in as much as they could in this one...and they have another suitcase packed and ready to send with the next person who comes to Colombia to see us. =) Moma and Daddy sent us our Christmas gifts early...BUT THEY ARE ALL WRAPPED UP, so we will BE GOOD and wait to open them at Christmas. =) And they sent Phillip a belated birthday gift (Which is the nice dark maroon shirt that you see him wearing here with his gray suit) and me an early gift...which I will wait to open on my Birthday in Nov.
They sent some nice pencils and pencil bags for our kids...and Kimberly's back pack full of her things which she accidentally left in Ohio when we came back to Colombia. THANK YOU, Daddy and Moma!
Then the dear people from their Union Friends church sent us some yummy foods for our Thanksgiving dinner. We cannot buy a ham here, for the one we saw at our grocery store was around $90.00. OUCH! So they sent us a canned ham which we will freeze and have for our Thanksgiving dinner, and then since Colombians sell Turkeys in December we can buy a turkey for Christmas dinner. The church also sent us yummy cheddar cheese which we cannot get here either...along with some peanut butter, pimentos, (for pimento cheese) a couple white cake mixes, and canned cranberry sauce. We so much appreciate all they sent. THANK YOU Church!!~

~The kids opening some nice Crayons from Aunt Carole and GG. THANK YOU!!~
~2 nice fuzzy stuffed animals that Aunt Lana sent Elijah and Noah.THANK YOU!!~

AND THAT IS THE EXCITING END TO OUR FAMILY DAY!! Thank you, Bro. Tim for hauling the suitcase and cheese for us! =) We look forward to our yummy Thanksgiving dinner, and opening my birthday gift and our Christmas gifts. =D It's always soooo fun to open suitcases bearing gifts and goodies from our family and friends back home!!
Thanks for praying for Bro. Jimmy. It appears that God brought him through his 2nd eye surgery safely.


Vonnie said...

Wonderful news about Bro. Jimmy. I remember loving the things people brought to us on the mission field. Love you all, very much!

Anonymous said...

Took the time to stop in and say Hi this afternoon. Your family day looked like fun - sure glad you did not take that baby for a boat ride. ;-] Now, does that sound like a worried Gram? So delighted that the suitcase got to you. We so appreciate Brother tim for offering to make it happen. It was worth all the work and "grief" that goes in deciding what can make the weight limit. Waiting to hear how the services went today. I love you all, Moma

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