Thursday, October 30, 2008


Thank you for all your good comments on the post below, "A young girls' purity." Y'all had some good and helpful things to say.

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Last night, Jimmy called Phillip and told him that he had been having a lot of pain in his head, and was now seeing a black spot in his eye in which he has already had 2 surgeries. UGH! So he, his family, his church, and Phillip and I have been REALLY PRAYING....and BEGGING GOD TO HAVE MERCY!!!! He called Phillip back this morning saying that God had healed him, and that his black spot is gone. God is AWESOME!!
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We had a good Sunday. God helped Phillip to preach Sunday morning against sin and to admonish our people to OBEY GOD today and to be what HE wants them to be. God was speaking in that service. Then we came home and had a good Sunday dinner of Chicken broccoli soup, hot french bread, a yummy salad, rice, and fried platan sp? (platano) and fresh pineapple juice. We had a good visit with Felipe and his Dad John.
~Elijah looking cute before church started on Sunday morning.~
~Phillip (Felipe) playing my piano at home . We finally got a speaker for my keyboard again. We had one before we went to the USA, but we are now using that in one of our churches, so we needed to get another one. The girls and I are HAPPY to be able to play the piano again. =)~
~Noah's drawings of our family...minus Daddy. Daddy is on the back of the paper. =D~
~Elijah (and younger Phillip)..."playing" the guitar. Elijah says that he hasn't QUITE got the hang of it yet. =)~
Sunday night it was pouring the rain outside and the door of our church was opened. Phillip was preaching on a very serious subject when all of the sudden A HERD OF GOATS who had been walking outside our church decided to find SHELTER inside our church. The women leading them came inside and apologized and shooed them out of our church. A picture was taken but not until they had nearly left. Phillip then continued preaching and used the goats as an illustration of how we do not want to be like GOATS, but like sheep who are willing to be led...and that God will someday separate the goats from the sheep. It was a comical situation though. ~The goats leaving our church. Most have already left.~

Sunday night after service John, Felipe and his sister Paula came in for a snack, and we watched Pilgrim's Progress. It is a very inspiring and challenging video. We thank the Lord for a good Sunday and for His protection and help. I feel like the Lord must be coming back soon, and we want to be faithful to win as many souls to God as we can while we still have time.


lila said...

Thank the Lord for healing jimmy. I love your posts. Elijah is so cute. The goat intrusion is funny. Wish we could visit you all there. love you tons

sherryldickinson said...

Wonderful for God's touch on Jimmy's eye! Your Sunday dinner sounded so delicious. Heather, bless you for all you do for your family and for others. There is no other little Homemaker like you are! I am praying Jesus will give you strength in all of your various duties. Thank you for the post. The goats are interesting to see, and Elijah is adorable to see. Hallelujah you got a speaker for your piano! Love, Mom D

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