Sunday, October 12, 2008

~A few random pics.~

~Kimberly did Sarah's hair, and Phillip and I thought she looked so cute with the zigzag part and the 2 buns.~
~The back of Sarah's hair, with a zigzag part.~
~The girls violin teacher got Kimberly, Sarah and Noah a cute blouse/shirt, and got Elijah this little blue outfit. Gracias, Adriana.~
~Sarah outgrew her violin, and Kimberly was outgrowing hers too. So we got Kimberly a new 3/4 violin, and Sarah will use Kimberly's 1/2 size violin. God gave us a good bargain on the violin, Thanks to Adriana taking us to the shop of one of her friends!! Both girls are happy~.
~Due to having several EXTRA things to do this week, Kimberly and Sarah didn't have their regular morning schoolwork on a couple mornings. One of the extras was our invite to Marisol's house, and the other was us having to go up North to work on getting Elijah his Colombian visa. (PRAISE THE LORD, WE BASICALLY HAVE HIS VISA NOW (which means that he can legally live with us here in Colombia)...his picture for his visa turned out sooo CUTE!!) So... Kimberly and Sarah were trying to do schoolwork last Friday evening and in a SILLY mood. They were being really crazy while they were SUPPOSED to be doing school. So, just being silly myself...I put "gags" (kitchen towels tied loosely) on them to keep them from laughing and goofing around so much...but JUST AS I KNEW would happen...they got even crazier then. =) We had a fun evening together, and believe it or not they did succeed in getting some schoolwork done. =D~
We had a good Sunday, Thank you for your prayers. Pics coming soon!


sherryldickinson said...

Noah's smile is something else! It was fun to hear of you girls being silly. It's so nice finding new posts on your blog so often. Thank you for doing this for us. Love, Mom D

Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

I know what you mean about the kids wanting to be silly and not focus on their schoolwork! Sadly, it seems to be a daily occurrence around here! We end up threatening to take away their allowance and that usually calms them right down! I know it is hard with them being right beside each other and not in a schoolroom setting. I will have to try the 'gags'!

Kimberly said...

Congratulations on the new fiddles!:)

Regina said...

Kimberly did a great job on Sarah's hair. It looked cute! Congrats on the new violins, girls. I'm glad you were able to get a good deal. Have fun practicing! :-) It's always fun playing on a new instrument!

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