Sunday, October 19, 2008

~What I have been up to...~

~Between being a wife of one dear man, homeschooling 2 precious girls, keeping up with a sweet busy Noah and feeding an adorable growing Elijah, (plus meals, baking, laundry in the rainy season with no dryer, etc.) God has also helped me get some mending and some scrap booking done too. The Pilmores gave these nice skirts to Sarah...but since Sarah is a little toothpick, I needed to put elastic in the back before she could wear them. The Lord helped me get that done and now she has 6 cute skirts to add to her closet. THANKS! Pilmores!!
~Our friend John playing hymns on Phillip's guitar while our kids look on and help sing along.~Before we went to the USA last March, I got all of our 2007 pictures scrapbooked, except for Oct., Nov., Dec., for I ran out of Scrapbooking pages for my album. So, I bought more pages while there and since we have been back home in Colombia...the Lord has helped me to get 28 pages done and 2007 is all scrapbooked, and some of 2008 too. YEA! I don't like to get too far behind...but when one has a new's easy to do. HOWEVER I'M TRYING TO ENJOY THESE DAYS WITH MY BABY...FOR HE IS GROWING BIGGER EACH DAY, AND BEFORE KNOW IT, HE WON'T BE A BABY ANYMORE! =(
Here are some of the scrap booking pages that I got done.
~Last Thanksgiving I was pregnant and TOO sick to cook, so we celebrated our Thanksgiving at McDonalds...our kids were THRILLED! =D~~Sarah's 7th birthday. Kimberly lost a tooth, and Sarah lost her 2 top front teeth.
~Our trip up the mountain for Sarah's 7th take family pictures and we also ate in this pretty restaurant.~
~Last December our dear friends invited us over for a yummy meal and took us to a fun nearby park. I was 4 months pregnant with Elijah.~
~The girls' violin recital last December.~
~We went out for ice cream to celebrate the girl's hard practice with their violins for their recital.~
~Our Christmas tree with the Christmas ornaments that I got on sale 75% off at Meijers in the USA in 2006.~I will post some of my scrapbook pages from 2008 soon.
~Our neighbor was cleaning out her garden and was going to throw this plant that bears this red flower away...but she gave it to us instead and it is now blooming and is really pretty. The yellow and red flowers you see behind this flower is Sarah's that she bought with her money.~
The kids and I (and Phillip when he is home) joined Bro. Henry Miller's "3 every 3" (to pray 3 mins. every 3 hours) for our country (the USA) and the upcoming elections. Though the future could look scary...I know that we are in God's hands and so I'm praying that GOD'S WILL will be done. That whoever GOD wants to be our next president and whatever God wants to allow to happen will help us all be MORE READY For HIS SOON coming!!


Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

How neat to see your scrapbook pages! I have attempted to scrapbook several times and have not been able to stick with it for various do a beautiful job! I had not heard about the '3 every 3' campaign, but I like it! I agree and that is how I am praying about the elections also. Praise the Lord for the FACT that HE can CHANGE whichever man's heart wins the Presidency! I don't know about you but that is very reassuring and comforting to me!

Regina said...

I enjoyed seeing your scrapbook pages. I would love to use your music page idea for my studio scrapbook sometime! That was a cute idea. :)

Vonnie said...

Love the whole post, but the last comments about the election are just how I have been feeling and praying! May God help us!!

loree2000 said...

Doing the laundry with a dryer is bad enough! :D Trying to do laundry w/o a dryer in the rain is even worse!

Your SB pages are cute! Thanks for sharing them.

As for the election.....I agree with you. God will give us whatever we need to see us through victoriously! No matter what. We are on the winning side! Praise His name!

LaDonna said...

I've got your pictures all ready to mail out from the wedding so you can scrapbook those, too! I included some extra suprise photos, I hope you'll like them. :) Happy scrappin'.

sherryldickinson said...

Elijah is watching John play the guitar-it makes me laugh. How nice of you to have John there for a visit. Your flowers in the yard are beautiful! That's neat that Sarah's came up so pretty, too. If my pictures got put in a scrapbook, they would die of shock. They are used to being piled in a box in a dark closet. Love, Mom D

Klunders said...

That's so cool about that beautiful flower you got given. I love spring and fall. I'm so exited that I finally got it figured out as to how to post a comment. It's so easy! Sunday afternoons are about my only chance to read and post a comment on your blog, but I sure enjoy doing it! Oh, and I LOVE looking at your scrap booking pages, you are like SO good at it! Maybe someday I'll get back into it again, too!
Keep looking up!
Your sister in Jesus, Hannah

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