Sunday, October 26, 2008

~Some pics from our lives.~

Thank you for all your kind comments regarding our kid's fall pictures. I was surely happy with how God helped them to turn out. =D
~Our kids fall pictures all framed.~~Elijah chewing on an apple.~
~Noah put his hat on Elijah peeking out says, "Peek-a-boo".~
~The flowers that Marisol bought me died early, so I bought these for $1.50 at my fruit and veggie market. The buds were closed when I bought them, so I was happy with the orange and yellow fall colors that they turned out to be.~
~Kimberly who was sitting on the couch holding Elijah, picked up Sarah's violin and was practicing while holding him, so I snapped this picture.~
~This lady from my Saturday morning fruit and veggie market thought that she could find me an orange pumpkin like I wanted. So...this past Sat. she brought me this one that's in the bottom of my cart...that weighs 25 lbs. However, when I got it home, Phillip saw that the people that she bought it from...had PAINTED IT ORANGE...for the back is green and yellow. =D Oh well, it's pretty anyways. =)
~The way our rental home is made is that our garage door is our FRONT DOOR! Not how I would've chosen, but we are happy with the house that Jesus helped us to find. is "Our inside front door" decorated for Fall.
~My orange pumpkin and 2 of my 4 pumpkins. =)~
~My orange pumpkin and my Elijah pumpkin. =)~
~All 4 of our kids watching the neat fireworks that we can sometimes see from our front porch.~
~Near the end of the fireworks...I tried to get a nice picture of one of the fireworks, but this is the best I got before they quit shooting them.~
We had a good Sunday. I will post pics soon.


Margaret G said...

Enjoyed your pics heather. I love the one of your little girl holding your little guy while playing the a multitasker...better than me:)

Kara Plank said...

Great pictures! Elijah is a doll baby!!!

Kim M. said...

Love your kiddo pictures and fall decor! I especially like the one of Elijah peeking out from under the hat.

sherryldickinson said...

I can't believe your Fall pictures are already framed and sitting on the shelf! One thing you do not do is waste time! Your 'orange' pumpkin is pretty-paint and all. I LOVE these pictures of you and your children! Thank you for posting them! Love, Mom D

Kimberly said...

The fall pics are beautiful...and the violin one is a hoot....glad you captured it!

patton said...

Hi from Kylie and Kelsie I get on your blog everyday and see if you have new pics on there.And Elijah is getting so big and cute!Tell Noah and Kimberly and sarah we said Hi!:)

Rob and Deanna said...

Great Pumpkin! ;-) Did you see some of the neat ways the ladies painted pumpkins on my decorating blogs? I love Kimberly's ingenuity in holding Elijah, she & Sarah always have something unique going on with their little brother. :-)

Vonnie said...

Love all of the cute punkins!!

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