Thursday, October 9, 2008

~Our visit with Marisol~

~Several months back I was sitting on a park bench near our home and a lady walked by with a cute jean skirt on. I complemented her on her skirt...and from that complement has come a dear friendship with a lady named Marisol. (She had seen our family earlier and wanted to talk to me, but didn't have the nerve. She told me that she for several months she had been hoping to see me again...for she was wanting to talk to me.)
Some people might say that it was a "chance meeting", but Marisol and I don't agree...we know it was GOD. We so enjoy being together, chatting together, love baking together, talking about being godly wives (she and her husband got married the same year that Phillip and I did-1995), talking about the things of God, etc.
Last Tuesday, she showed up at my house with these beautiful flowers, and I gave her a loaf of my freshly baked french bread. These are pretty flowers (they aren't opened up yet here) that last for several days, even up to a month. Then Marisol invited our family to her house for the first time and we had lunch together and spent most of the day with her, and had a great visit.~
~While at her house, I snapped these pics of ....My little doll-baby Elijah.~
~I love it when Elijah does this "Straight line" with his mouth.~
~Elijah does the "O" with his mouth quite often and says, "OH" too. It's soooo cute...I took lots of pictures trying to get a good one of his mouth in the "O".~
~My dear friend Marisol had our whole family over for a yummy lunch. We had a nice visit together. I'm sooo glad that God helped me find a dear Christian lady friend that lives near to me. Our visits with each other always make us want to draw closer to Jesus. Usually she comes over on Friday evenings and we visit, bake, etc. while Phillip is away having a house service at one of our 2 churches. Marisol's friendship (and y' "blogging buddies") has been such an encouragement to my lonely heart. (I have 3 other nice lady friends here (Farly, Gloria, and our girl's violin teacher Adriana)...but their lives are sooo busy and they live so far away that we don't get to visit together very often.) In this picture Marisol and I are cooking together in her kitchen.~


Ronda said...

What a beautiful new friend!! God knows how to give good gifts, doesn't He? Loved the adorable pictures of your babydoll, too! Hope that you are having a blessed day!

sankey family said...

Looks like you all are having a great time together. Believe me, I know how much it means to have a close friendship while serving so far from home, family and friends. So glad you have that friend in Marisol.
Take care! Cute pics of Elijah!

Rob and Deanna said...

I'm so glad you found a friend in Marisol! She has an adorable kitchen. Elijah is so Dear too!

Scott and Libby said...

Isn't God just like that!! :) The perfect friend at the perfect time.

Tamra said...

What a special blessing God has sent your way! Isn't that just like Him? He knows how we females need "girl time" together.

lila said...

I,m so glad you have good friends there. God is so good! We should never worry or fret. love you tons

emily said...

I'm so glad Jesus has given you a special friend. She looks like such a sweet person. Elijah is such a Beautiful baby. I love his smile. It lights up his whole face. love, Susanna Pilmore

sherryldickinson said...

I had to watch the 'two instruments in one' video again. It is adorable of every one of the kids-even Kimberly's voice saying, Ok, you can stop now.
I don't know who got the best gift, you with the flowers, or Marisol with the French bread! Elijah's hair line is definitely Bryan! He is so cute and cuddly-looking in the pictures you post of him. Makes me want to hold and squeeze him. Love, Mom D

Vonnie said...

I'm so glad you have her!!

Janette said...

Elijah is getting so big and such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Your little boy is a doll!
Don't check blogs much and was shocked how big he is...I just heard you had him! :-)

I remember you all in our prayers often.

Cherita Altic

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