Tuesday, October 14, 2008

~God's protection, and our Sunday~

First a note about the picture that I posted in the post below...where I teasingly put "gags" on Kimberly and Sarah to help them get some schoolwork done. Studying on the couch is NOT the norm in our house. Kimberly normally studies upstairs at her desk and Sarah studies down here at her desk. Each school morning, our girls set their alarm, get up at 6:30 or 7:00, have their devotions, get dressed, we eat breakfast together and then they work hard and get all of their school goals done each day, and practice their violins. I was just letting them study on the couch since it was Friday evening...and we were all tired so we were in a crazy mood...thus the silly picture.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ PLEASE PRAY FOR JIMMY, HE HAS TO HAVE 2 more EYE SURGERIES!!!~ ~ ~ ~ ~
THANK THE LORD FOR HIS PROTECTION...when we went to cross the street in front of Jimmy's church last Wednesday night (this is the BUSY street where the taxi hit and killed Jimmy's Father-in-law in July) we had crossed the first half and were in the middle of the street ready to go to the other side when a speeding taxi appeared and was heading straight toward KIMBERLY WHO WAS HOLDING ELIJAH. I screamed, "THERE IS A TAXI, THERE IS A TAXI!!!" THANK THE LORD..the taxi did a RARE thing here in Colombia and STOPPED and let Kimberly and Elijah and Phillip and Sarah cross the street unharmed. IT SCARED Kimberly and I so badly that we nearly cried and Kimberly said that she thought that she and Elijah were going to die. She said that her legs were shaking once she got inside the church. WE THANK THE LORD FOR HIS PROTECTION!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We had a good Sunday, and here are some pics!
~Our friend John asked if I could make a birthday cake for his daughter Karen. The first cake I made FELL big time (Baking and living nearly 9,000 ft. above sea level doesn't mix too well when it comes to baking cakes!! BUT I'LL KEEP TRYING TO BAKE A CAKE FROM SCRATCH THAT WON'T FALL!!) Thankfully I had just purchased a cake mix (a Colombian brand) to try and see how I liked it. God helped it to turn out well, which made this tired lady very happy since it was getting late on Saturday night, and I surely DID NOT want to make a 3rd cake. Karen (and her family) were very happy with the cake.~
~Unplanned... 2 of my 3 men (Daddy and Noah) dressed similar this past Sunday morning.~
~Kimberly and her Sunday class. I was very grateful for all the children that she had last Sunday morning. Sometimes she prepares and no one shows up, which is disappointing to her.~
~God really helps and anoints Phillip as he preaches in Spanish to our people.~
~A few months ago I posted a picture of 5 of we ladies who were expecting babies.. all of whom were associated with one of our churches. Here are 3 of the 5 with our babies in our arms now.~
~These little ponchos are popular for babies and small children to wear. When I saw my friend's baby with a poncho...I was telling her mother that I wanted to get one of these for Elijah and she said that she had a small blue one that she wanted to give him. That was very sweet of her! Elijah looks SOOO cute in this little poncho.~
~Eating Sunday dinner together. We had Colombian Tamales, Iced tea, carrot raisin salad, and birthday cake. For Sunday night snack we had Taco Fries, an avocado salad, Lulo juice, and the rest of the birthday cake. ~
~Happy Birthday, Karen.~
~Our friend John is very creative and loves to make things with his hands. He made this for our family. At the top it says, "The Dickinson Family" and then each of our names...ending with a little tiny piece of wood with Elijah's name on it. It is sooo cute and special, and we love it.~~An up-close picture of our kids' names that John made.~
~Younger Phillip, My Phillip, and our friend John with the special gift he made for us.~
~The men having one of their many good Bible discussions.~
~Elijah says that discussing Theology is still a little above is head...and after a long day...it wore him out. =D~~Another nice gift that our friend John made for us...a heart shaped picture frame.~
We Thank the Lord for the good Sunday that He gave us.


Danny,Liz,Becca,Ben, Abby and Caleb said...

That is so scary about the taxi almost hitting the children! Thank God for His protection!! Your cake turned out pretty and yummy looking! And the wooden hanging is really nice! It is fun to have personalized things for your family! We have a friend who knits beautiful Christmas stockings and she has given us one for each of our family members...we are waiting on Calebs. When she found out we were expecting the first words out of her mouth were," I suppose that you will be wanting another stocking for him or her?" She cuts out the letters of our name out of felt and sews them on..they are very pretty and look nice hanging up at Christmas time.

sherryldickinson said...

Ohhhh! The taxi story nearly puts one in their grave-just hearing about it. I don't know how you baked another cake, Heather, when I know you were already SOOO tired. And then, this long post on your day off...bless your dear hard-working and sweet heart. In fact, bless all six of your dear hearts! I LOVE YOU ALL and enjoyed this interesting post. I've been watching for it all day. Lots of love, and gratefulness that no car hit you guys! Mom D

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Love the cake. It looks so yummy!! The wooden wall hanging with your names is so precious. Definately a keepsake.

The Going Blog said...

Heather, I think all your blog readers would vote you mother of the year/century so please don't think you need to explain how and when you homeschool :-) We all know that you value education! The explanation was interesting for us detail junkies though. ha Girl, that is so scary about Kimberly and the baby. I hope you don't have to cross that street often. I pray that you can feel God very near your family while you are over there serving Him. Have a great day!

Vonnie said...

Thank the Lord for keeping His hand on you all!! Love all of the pictures and the sweet "things" that ??? made for you. (can't remember his name now) Cake looks yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what would we ever have done to have lost our Kimberly and Elijah. Thank the Lord for keeping his hand on you all. Your cake looks good and I am sure touched the hearts of that family. John did a lovely job on the wall hanging. So glad that suitcase made it safely with your Christmas. Now just 18 more to go! Love, Moma

Anonymous said...

Heather,don't faint... just thought I needed to "pen" a note about your close call this afternoon! Thank the Lord for his protection over your family!! I'm sorry I don't comment it is so easy in our electronic age.... but we stay toooo busy!! When is Philip going to need help building something? I don't mind preaching a time or two... but my spanish would be a little rusty after all these months since I spoke in Guatemaula/Honduras for my father-in-law!!:)And I also wish I had paid more attention during homeletics classes!! I do want/need to come down soon to help and see your beautiful countryside!!We love ya'll and can't wait to see you again.Love,Andrew of St.Marys (makes it sound almost Historalical!)

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