Wednesday, October 22, 2008

~Sunday at Jimmy's church.~

We had a good Sunday. Jimmy (who is trying to recover from 2 eye surgeries) asked Phillip if he could preach at his church last Sunday, and have communion too. Another man filled in for us at our church. ~Here, Farly is leading the hymns, and she asked 2 other ladies, a man and I to help her sing too.~
~The kids' Sunday school class at Jimmy's church.~
~Phillip preaching.~
~Jimmy's girl's with their new baby cousin.~
~At last minute we asked our friends Edgar and his wife Angelica, and John over for Sunday dinner. Angelica was a huge help putting Elijah to sleep while I got the dinner on the table.~
~Our Sunday dinner of baked chicken, LA Rice, French bread, green beans, corn, strawberry/Spinach/almond salad, and pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting. (Excuse the pans, I don't have any serving dishes.)~
~John's son Phillip and our girls having fun while helping me wash up the "100's" of dishes I had Sunday night after a busy day serving Sunday dinner and Sunday night snack to company. I was soooo TIRED that night that I was DELIGHTED that young Phillip offered to help do the dishes.~
On Monday we just took it easy and then we met Bro. Tim and Bro. Bob Thompson and some Colombian friends at McDonalds to give Bro. Tim some things to take back to the USA to my parents. Bro. Tim and Bro. Thompson left Colombia on Tuesday morning. It surely was nice of Bro. Tim to bring things from my parents to us, and take things from us back to them.


loree2000 said...

I would be exhausted from all the work and activity too! You seem to handle it all so well!

I think Farley is such a pretty lady! You are blessed to have such fine friends over there!
Is Jimmy noticing progress in his eye?

Rob and Deanna said...

Sunday dinner sounds yummy! I love the beautiful sunflower bouquets in the front of the church. I miss the fresh flower bouquets we always had in PNG to decorate the front of the church. They always had new arrangements decorating the whole platform every Sun.

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