Monday, October 6, 2008

~Sunday services and company.~

Please continue to pray for Brother Jimmy's eye. Things are not looking good. But God is able. An update on that little girl who fell on the far as we can tell she is living a normal life and doesn't seem to have complications or infections from her fall. GOD IS AWESOME and we praise Him for touching her! She is coming to our church every so often now too.
Thanks, Aunt Libby, for the yummy cookie recipe, I look forward to trying it. (See her recipe in the comments in the post below.)
We had a good Sunday morning service and a yummy Sunday dinner. (If I have to say so myself. Ha!)
~Phillip had invited a fellow pastor friend to preach for our Sunday evening service. We had a good service and a pretty good crowd in spite of the rain. Then after the service the pastor friend, Erdmin, his wife Maria, and our friend John and his 3 children came to our house for a Sunday evening dinner. I was CONCERNED for I had put my lasagna into bake in the oven on LOW at 2:30 but on the way home coming down the mountain from our church there was a wreck that blocked the road and we couldn't get past for about 25 mins., making the long trip home even LONGER. (You have to picture this...Here EVERYONE decides that he wants to go AT THE SAME you get a huge mess of cars and buses in EVERY DIRECTION trying to get through a tiny spot...with everyone BEEPING wanting the next person to move. It could be comical if you weren't in one of the cars waiting for SOMEONE to go.) Then later on a motorcycle wrecked a few cars ahead of us...but we didn't see that, just realized at that LAST minute that the car in front of us (who had NO LIGHTS ON at night) was STOPPED! The Lord helped us as we SKIDDDDDDED to a stop just missing their car. All this time I was VERY THANKFUL FOR GOD'S PROTECTION, and praying HARD that my lasagna would not be over-baked. We arrived home at 7:30 or so and Thank the Lord, my lasanga was just fine! We had a great visit and a fun time with our guests.~
~Sitting around visiting while I put the food on the table.~
~The girls making the orangeade for our dinner.~
~Our dinner guests and the fall table that we had fun making. We each had individual butter dish, and our own fall place card. I served French bread, lasagna, a yummy raw cauliflower salad, homemade grape juice and orangeade to drink, and "Pilgrim pies" for dessert. They LOVED my french bread...which made me very happy. You see, Colombians LOVE bread...but NOT with their lunch or dinner, only as a breakfast or snack food, so I was glad that they ate nearly 2 loaves of my french bread. A Colombian cultural thing:
As we were passing the tray of sliced French bread around...our friend John asked me if I knew what Colombians called the "Heel" of the bread? He said that they call it, "The Mother-in-law, because no one wants it."
I don't agree, because I LOVE MY MOTHER-IN-LAW and the Lord willing some day I'll be a mother-in-law, and I want to be loved then also. =)~ ~And for dessert we had "Pilgrim Pies"...yummy pumpkin cookies with a cream cheese frosting in the middle. (can you tell some one already "snitched" a cookie from my tray? =)~
~Our friend Maria holding Elijah.~
~Maria, Elijah and I.~
The Lord gave us a good Sunday, in spite of it being the rainy season now with MUD everywhere around our churches. We THANK GOD for His protection and help!


Sarah Cook said...

Just wanted to drop by and say that I appreciate you and that I admire your gifts as a homemaker and missionary! Keep up the good work!

sherryldickinson said...

Dear Heather, you are such a dolly, and not because of your nice mother-in-law comment either. (I DID laugh over John's funny comment!) I cannot believe ALL of the WORK you do to make others happy. Bless your dear heart! It makes me want to cry, seeing how hard you work for your family and for others. Your squash pies look absolutely scrumptious and beautiful! It reminds me of your homemade apple pie with the delectable crust you make. There is no other like it in the world! There can't be-it's the BEST!
Your blog is delightful to this mother's, mother-in-law's, and grandma's heart. How I look forward to seeing all you post!
Love, Mom D

Vonnie said...

Sounds like a busy missionary Sunday. Glad for God's protection on you all!!

Lori said...

So glad everyone was kept safe, I'll have to admit, your traffic story made me laugh! It's like those people have NO common sense sometimes! I'm been wanting to try to make your french bread, I know you posted the recipe a while ago, I think I'll give it a try during the kids' rest time this afternoon! The cookies look great too, anything pumpkin is my absolute favorite!

Kendra said...

Dear Heather,
You and Philip have a beautiful family. We also have 4 and use the same homeschool curriculum. I'm still working on how to blog. I want to figure it out b/c so many people miss us and want to know what goes on and I can't get to all of them. I''m so proud of you guys and that we had the opportunity to serve with the two of you. Would love to meet up with you someday.
Love and God Bless,
Kendra and Tom Miller

Anonymous said...

Didn't know how to share a link. I think I have it figured out now!

Anonymous said...

I prayed for that oven when you told me on the way up the mountain that you left it on. Praise the Lord He heard. Your table looked so nice and food sounded wonderful. Your home gifts are touching lives for Christ and I know that God will bless and return to you all you give to other. Our little Elijah looks so sweet and growing up just too fast. I have been Christmas shopping this week for a family in Colombia! So glad that Tim is willing to bring a suitcase to you from us. It is just hard to get in the "red and green" mood with the lovely colors of fall all around. I love you, Moma

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