Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~Our family day~

~On Monday we had a good family day. Since it was a holiday here...our kids got to ride one of the rental boats that they have been wanting to ride for over a year now. Here they are ready to get in the row boat.~It wouldn't have been safe to take baby Elijah, so Elijah and I stayed on the shore and took pictures and talked to Phillip and the kids while they had a fun row boat ride.
~Ready to "pull away from the shore". =) Note the HANDMADE oars made out of plywood.~
~Love the beautiful mountains that we have here in Colombia.~
~Phillip and Kimberly got quite the work out rowing.~
~A big boat passed them, and they enjoyed riding the waves from it.~
~More beautiful mountains in the background.~
~Enjoying the boat ride.~
~Ducks, Elijah's stroller, and the boaters in the background.~
~The fun boat ride coming to an end...but it was worth it.~
~Our family eating grilled corn on the cob here, brushed with melted butter and salt. YUMMY! Their corn on the cob is not like ours, but bigger and harder, so it's not good to eat for a side- vegetable for a meal, but yummy this way.~
~Noah enjoying some corn.~
~Not sure if you can see the TENTS in the background. Here it is popular at parks (especially on holidays) to have MANY VENDORS selling food, toys, balloons, etc. (thus the LARGE tents) and then the Colombian families bring their smaller camping tents and put them up for the whole day, rest, relax and have fun together as a family. (That is their version of camping. =)
~Noah getting a picture with a Colombian police and his horse.~

It was a fun and restful family day...Come back soon and see the exciting way our family day ended...


sankey family said...

This looks like so much fun - my boys would love to do the boat ride!

sherryldickinson said...

You made this day look like it was so much fun. It made me wish I could have been there with you. When we see you in these pictures, it makes it seem safe and friendly there. I am glad you are under the shadow of the Almighty. We love you six so much. Love, Mom D

Gayle said...

What a nice time! The corn looks yummy!

lila said...

Our Heavenly Father is so awesome. I,m so glad He is taking such good care of you and your family. It is so fun to see you all enjoying life where the Lord has sent you. The pics are wonderful. love you tons

Vonnie said...

Looks fun!

Regina said...

I'm glad you all had a wonderful family day together. It was relaxing for me just looking at the beautiful scenery in the pictures! We celebrated Columbus day on Monday. I'm curious what holiday it was in Columbia? Looking forward to seeing how your day ended! Take care.

Beth said...

Looks like lots of fun! So glad you guys had such a nice day!
Love and Prayers,

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