Friday, October 31, 2008


~I'm rocking my Baby...Cause Babies don't keep~

I'm a stay-at-home Mom, and I love my job...
My family fills my days with joy--a gob.
I wouldn't trade places with anyone you see
I love my life and I'm happy being Me.

I could be playing the piano to entertain somewhere
But I'd rather play it at home with my family there.
I could be working as a lawyer or be well-known in the world
But I'd rather be having heart talks with my girls.

I could be working for some wealthy millionaire
But I'd rather be at home combing my little girl's hair.
I could be selling "Starbucks" in a good-smelling store
But I'd rather make good smells with my pies, cakes, & more.

I could be working in a high rise selling stocks,
But I'd rather be helping my little boy put on his socks.
I could be selling rugs or a china that's rare
But I'd rather make our home nice to show my husband I care.

I could be in a bakery making beautiful cakes
But I'd rather be teaching my girls how to bake.
I could be a seamstress...making fine clothes maybe
But I'd rather be at home with my own precious baby.

There are so many other work places that I could be
But I wouldn't want someone else raising my children for me!!!
We have these moments...But too soon our children will be grown;
And they will remember the seeds for Christ we have sown.

I could say goodbye each morning as they board a yellow bus...
But I think it would be better if they learn from us.
What an incredible joy it is to see
That with all that they are learning the teacher =)

So when I feel like I cannot see another dirty dish...
I remember that I'm living out my life long wish!
I've wanted to be a wife and Mommy since I was 3...
And I'm THRILLED that my sweetheart chose...ME!!

Our oldest will soon be 11 with all of her charms.
Oh where, is my baby that I once held in my arms?
And our 2nd born in December will turn 8.
She's growing taller at an incredible rate.

Our oldest boy with his eyes of blue
Will turn 5 in January...Can it be true?
There will always be laundry and dishes a HEAP...
But now I'll rock my baby...'cause babies don't keep.

I have this privilege a Mommy to be
To instill Christ-likeness for others to see.
For all of my tasks here on earth are in vain...
If my precious children Heaven don't gain!
~Heather Dickinson~ 10/30/08
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Last night I made 4 loaves of my honey whole wheat oat bread. (My Kimberly just saw what I was posting and asked me to tell you that it was DELICIOUS!! =) Want the recipe?


Beth said...

Wonderful poem! My mother and I both loved it.
Beth Albertson
P.S. I liked the pictures of your kids a couple of posts back.

Lori said...

Your bread looks really good, I would love the recipe! I've been making my own bread lately and love trying new recipes!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful poem and just what I needed today. I'm so glad I've stumbled across your blog. I have it in my reader and enjoy your photo-taking abilities. God bless you and your family!

Andrew said...

I love the poem, I didn't know you were a poet. I have tried writing poems but just can't seem to get the hang of it but God truly has given you a gift and thanks for sharing it. Also the bread looks very good! God Bless you and your family! Kayla

Scott and Libby said...

Loved your poem. What a blessing to have that time with your babies.

Please, please post your recipe:)

Joy said...

What better calling than to be a wife and Mommy. They are only little once!

Regina said...

What a beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing it with us.
Your bread looks wonderful! I just love eating homemade bread. :)

michelle said...

I love your poem. Your bread looks wonderful.

Aunt Ellen said...

Love the poem! I regret I wasn't able to stay at home with my children...unfortunately in our circumstances I could not and I feel like our children have suffered because of it. Also love the new pictures, I think everything you touch turns to gold, truly are a daughter of THE King and He's given you many talents! :>)

Yes! I'd love to have the recipe for the honey oat bread. For the few years I did get to be a stay-at-home mommy, I made 3 loaves of bread every single morning...we loved it, and it seemed everyone who came over during the day loved to snack on a fresh slice of bread with butter as well. Now that I'm old, sick, tired and drawing Social Security, maybe I can muster up the energy to bake again.

Love to all!

Dorcas said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!! I will tell Ruthann you asked about her. This is so funny because I've been following your blog for a long, long time and wanted to comment but never did. Your Pastor and my husband served on a Missions Board together (Calvary Missions). You have a beautiful family! The children are adorable and I always check your blog! Please be sure to visit mine anytime. I will pray for your family!! God bless you as you labor there in Columbia!!

Klunders said...

I love that beautiful poem and i love my job, too!!! Being a keeper at home was all I wanted to be (except for a teacher, and since I get to be a home school mommy I also get to be a teacher as well)! All though one of the things I just dread and despise is draining old dirty dish water:( I know that seams funny, but of all the household jobs I do, I think that is the worst. Well, now for some jobs I love:) I Love giving kisses to my kids, reading a good book to them (even their history read aloud), and I enjoy blessing my kids with a surprise for getting their work done. The list goes on, but I'm out of time. Keep looking up! Your Friend, Hannah

Dave said...

Hey Heather! Just thought I'd stop by and say "Hi." The bread looks wonderful! I'm actually making bread right this minute. Waiting on it to rise. Check out my blog. My aunt gave me my grandma's recipe and the kind she always makes. Yum!!

lila said...

I wish all Mothers felt the way you do, our world would not be in the mess it is. Love the poem and the bread looks yummy and I know it is because i've had your bread. love you tons

Anonymous said...

Hi Kiddo,
Pardon me being sooo late in commenting. Thank you for the poem. You make me happy that you are a Wife (big "W"), a Mommy (big "M") but most of all a Believer (big "B")in Christ.
Love you,

Diane said...

That is a wonderful poem Heather. You are such a good example of a godly woman, wife and mother.

My daughter was the one who first found your blog, then told me about it. I enjoy it very much.


Janette said...

Great poem! I feel the same way about staying home with my kids!

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