Sunday, November 2, 2008

~Some videos~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
~Sarah making Elijah laugh. (Sorry it is so dark.)~

~Noah being a "SNAIL" using my laundry basket.~

~Kimberly making Elijah get very excited.~

The other day Noah heard the word "retarded" for the first time. Today I heard him saying something about being "GUITARDED!!" I told him how to pronounce the word correctly, but he said he liked "Guitarded" better. He likes guitars. =) When he asks for a TISSUE...he always says, "Please pass me a TENNA SHOE!!" He's our silly boy!

When Sarah was a little tyke she used to use one word "Juh-magine" for the phrase, "Could you imagine..." =), She would come up to me and say something like, "Mommy, "Juh-magine" if we could be in a pretty field of flowers...and "Juh-magine" if we could pick a pretty bouquet to take home." =)

One day Sarah came to me and said, "Mommy, I have the HARDEST time remembering my baby dolls name." So, I said to her, "Why, what is her name?" She replied..."Betsy Amelia." Smile!


Kim M. said...

Those videos were so cute! I just love that baby laugh!

Rob and Deanna said...

Enjoyed watching your family enjoying life & their funny little comments. :-)

Janette said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

What a delightful baby boy! It was neat to hear those belly-laughs. Noah's comments are classic! How I remember Sarah's jah-magine and often Gramp and I use it and think of our little girl so far away. When my Gram heart "needs" to see these Grandones I just thank the Lord for the technology that keeps us connected and feel more the pain of missionary mothers in the yesteryears as they paid a much bigger price for their children to serve.
We hosted your friends, the Bradley Dendlers last night for a service and time of fellowship. They did well presenting the burdens of their hearts, the people of South Africa. We so enjoyed our time with them in the parsonage. A precious family. You are much on our hearts. I love you, Moma

Regina said...

The videos of your kids were adorable!

Vonnie said...

Love the videos... makes me feel like I'm not missing so much! Funny, cute stories about what your kids say/said.

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