Monday, December 2, 2013

~Day 1 and Day 2 of Christmas~

We had a VERY Happy Thanksgiving!  Daddy and Moma and Daryl and Laura and family all came over and it was GRAND!  So, I'll post Day 1 and Day 2 of my Christmas decor...and then I'll sneak in our Thanksgiving pictures at the bottom of this post.  =)  (Sorry I was TOO Tired to post Day 1 yesterday.  I HAD to have my Sunday afternoon nap. =)
 Can you believe it's Christmas time already?  I can't!!!  But I'm SO HAPPY it is!!!  I'm having a blast making our house look festive!
~Just some red Christmas balls on my tree-shaped cupcake holder, a fun red and white stripped candle, and a white chalkboard make the top of our antique gas stove in our dinning room look Christmasy.~
 DAY 2
 ~The candle holder on our antique stove...with my "Jesus is the REASON for the Season" Christmas ball added in the center.~

 ~And now for the Thanksgiving pictures.  Daddy and Moma came over Wednesday night and we were SO HAPPY that they could join us this year.  Moma, Laura, and I each made some of the Thanksgiving it made it easier...for no one was having to do it all.  
Moma made 2 beautiful pumpkin pies, and here's one of them.  =) ~
~I made 2 apple pies, and here's one of them.
Laura made 2 chocolate chip pies (a favorite in our family) but I didn't get a picture of her yummy pies. =( ~
~Part of Our centerpiece.  I used 3 glass canisters and put candles on the ones on the ends and filled the middle one with gourds.~
~Our Table~
~I was happy to find the dinner ware (paper) at Hobby Lobby 50% off.  And the napkins had a verse on them.~
~My Daddy helped us A LOT this day.  He got all of the potatoes ready for our Mashed Potatoes, and he cut and ran the strip of brown paper down the center of my table.
The brown wrapping paper gives the table the "burlapy" look, but when the gravy drips on it, you can just wrap it up after dinner and toss it in the trash.  =) ~
 ~My brother Lincoln called, so Moma was talking to Lincoln when Phillip snapped this pic of Moma, Laura, and I before we ate dinner.~
 ~All at the table.~
 ~The kids table.~
 ~Moma also made her yummy sweet potatoes and here she is with the traditional Bryan scalloped oysters she made.~
 ~Years ago Mr. Sparks asked Phillip if he would illustrate the story he had written about the 3 little pigs that wanted to be Sunday school teachers.  Here Phillip is showing us the CUTE pictures he drew and telling us what he could remember of the story.~
 ~And of course no dinner is complete without the Yummy pies and coffee.~
 ~And just for kicks, I'll show you that our family completely filled up our Thankful Board! =) ~
 ~Phillip did our turkey again this year and it was AMAZING!!!  Here's the link for the recipe he uses.~
~Dear Moma/Gram always passes out Christmas presents for each kid right after Thanksgiving dinner.  This year, she surprised us by doing it again. =) ~
~She even gave Laura and I a beautiful handmade kitchen towel that Aunt Carole made. ~
~And Kimberly and Brittany got Christmasy socks.~
~Mary with her Christmas coloring book.~
~Sarah and Darla also got Christmas socks.~
~Gram with her little boys and their Christmas coloring books.~
~Darla and Sarah's Christmas socks.~

~Phillip enjoyed going around and lighting all of our candles that afternoon. ~
~We went around the table and each Thanked Jesus for something.  WOW!  Do we ever have A LOT for which to Thank Him! 
 One of the MAIN ones this year is that Moma's stroke wasn't any worse and that she is still with us!!!!  Thank you, Sweet Jesus!
My Sweet Daddy and Moma! (sorry the picture is back lit.)~
~Thanksgiving night and on Friday we decorated for Christmas.
On Saturday, my cousin Martha from S.C. came by for a visit.  It was great seeing her.  She, Laura, and I had a lot of fun chatting together.~
~Heather and Mary Grace, Martha and Emma Grace.~
Stay tuned for more days of Christmas. 
I'm hoping to post something Christmasy (decor from our home) EACH DAY for the first 25 days of December.  Happy Christmas-ing y'all!


Daryl Hausman said...

awww everything looks great!! ;) Sorry to miss Cousin Martha.... Glad you all had a wonderful time!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Awwww I'm so glad y'all got to see each other! Love y'all!


lila said...

So glad your dear parents could be there for Thanksgiving. Wow, everything is so beautiful!! Love you all tons

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