Monday, December 23, 2013

~Day 23 of Christmas~

~Here's more Christmasy decor in my kitchen/dinning room.
Some red berries I got 50% at a thrift store when we were at the cabins. A red and white stripped candle, and some white winter berries in the white pitcher, and a red and white berry candle ring added to the normal old ice box decor.~

~The berries that Phillip picked me in November...dried in a white pitcher...and a bird cage.
A Lady gave me the bird cage and it was Green and covered with artificial green ivy.
I removed the ivy, spray painted it off-white-ish, added some fresh greenery in the bottom and placed 2 red love birds ~Phillip and I~ inside. =) ~

~Our Christmas stockings socks that I got new in a grab bag sale and I saved to be our stockings. You'll remember these from our Argentina and Colombia Christmas decor.~
~At the ladies' retreat I got this neat little sign.  It's SO TRUE!
"Mine are the kind of parents everyone wishes they had." 
I love my DEAR Daddy and Moma!!!  They are the BEST!~
~Back in 2009 while traveling on deputation, someone gave me this ADORABLE kitchen snowman with wooden spoon arms, and measuring cups for a hat.
And then my sis-in-law Beth saw my GOURD left over from Fall sitting around my kitchen.
She told me that he'd make a CUTE snowman.
So, I took her advice and he now proudly stands beside my other kitchen snowman. =)  ~


Brittany said...

I'm just loving all your Christmas pics! They should be in a magazine =)Your whole house looks so inviting!

lila said...

So nice!

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