Sunday, December 22, 2013

~Day 22 of Christmas~

More Christmas decor
~A few pics of our Master Bedroom.
We have a whole village to set up, but we didn't really have room, nor time to set it up and tear it down this year, since we leave in Jan. (Lord willing) for Argentina.
These 3 happened to be out where I could reach them, so knowing that Phillip LOVES to see these houses lit up, I put these in our bedroom.~
 ~I grew up with my GG and my Moma having an antique tree like this.  So, I was delighted when Jesus helped us to find this one a few years ago.~
 ~My dear sister Laura gave me this Christmasy colored quilt several years ago.  I love pulling it out (when I'm here in the USA for Christmas =) and making our bed all cozy and Christmasy.~

 ~Here's some of our Aqua and brown in our upstairs bathroom, and on the shelf just outside the door.~

 ~I found that cute little gold Christmas tree on the top shelf at Goodwill 50% off the other night. =) ~
 ~Inside the bathroom.~
~In a recent post I told you about the store Pizazz.  When we first visited that store we saw such a NEAT sign...but they wanted $40.00 for the sign.
So, I asked Kimberly if she could make me one for my birthday.  She said that she could.  So, I used a large chalkboard sheet that I got at the Dollar Tree and she blew up the letters on her computer, traced and cut them out, and then traced them on the board. 
I Love it!  It's so encouraging for me to read the saying:
"Peace is not the Absence of Trouble 
but the Presence of Christ"
~I got the black frame at Michaels on Sale...and then I put this on the cabinet in our 2nd floor bathroom.~

~I took a close-up of the cabinet on the wall, 'cause the light from the window made it not show up very well in the above picture.  =) ~
May each of you have a VERY BLESSED Christmas Lord's day!!

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lila said...

Everything looks wonderful!! Wish I would have run upstairs and looked around before we left but forgot too. Kimberly's sign is great. She sure has her Daddy's artistic hand!!

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