Saturday, December 21, 2013

~Day 21 of Christmas~

~So, let me tell you what Jesus did for us recently.
Our house originally had 4 fireplaces.  One in the L.R., one in the dinning room under where the old gas stove is, one in our room, and one in the girls' room.  But, I was SAD for one of the former owners of our house tore out ALL the mantels.
So, I breathed a prayer a few months ago and asked Jesus to PLEASE send me a mantel before Christmas...for I wanted one with which to decorate!!
I sort of forgot that I had prayed that prayer.
One day before Thanksgiving Phillip and Kimberly went on a walk, and knowing they were gone I was a little NERVOUS when I heard a knock at our BACK door just a few minutes later.
I looked out my burlap curtains ....and there stood my Phillip holding A MANTEL!!! 
I was SO HAPPY!!!  It was already off-white like I wanted it.  =)
So, we put it in our living room.  I was so EXCITED that as usual I testified in our church about what Jesus had done by sending us a mantel.
The next day, someone SURPRISED us by showing up at our house with a brand new Quartz heater that has a flame.   They wanted us to have a "fireplace" to go with our mantel. 
That person had no way of knowing that we REALLY wanted a heater with a flame.  We had just been at the store the night before and even though we looked and Dreamed of buying one of those, Phillip knew we couldn't afford it, so we walked away without it.
Isn't Jesus so AWESOME!?!~

~The off-white frame to the right was that Home Interior picture that I got as a White Elephant gift.
I took the picture and glass out, spray painted the oval frame and added the off-white beads and tied the bow to make a "wreath out of the frame."  =) ~
~I did burlap and white pearly balls and snowflakes on our tree this year.  Most of the Christmas bulbs are the original ones that Phillip and I bought our first year of marriage.~
~As I told you earlier I made the mini burlap stockings.  I stuffed them for a 3D look.  =) ~
~I have 6 little picture frames on our tree with pics of Phillip and I, and each of our kids.~

~Playing with the functions on our camera. =) ~
~Jesus gave us our 7 foot Christmas tree at a Thrift Store back in March...
FOR $1.99 PLUS 25% OFF...So we paid around $1.50 for it!  =) 
Since we have over 9 foot ceilings in our 100 year old house, I'm happy to have a taller tree.~
I'm SO HAPPY with our Living room Christmas decor and mantel.~


Shawna said...

You are so talented.... I love seeing the different creative ways you have taken something from ordinary to extraordinary... God has given you such a wonderful talent... :)

Merry Christmas!

Kimberly said...

it looks beautiful!!!

Stephanie said...

So beautiful, Heather. Love the burlap!

Brittany said...

What a great story about your mantel, and "fireplace", and even your bargain tree! I'm so happy you got your mantel, and you've decorated it beautifully - I love how you spruced up that frame!

lila said...

Love, love, love all your beautiful decor. What talent!

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