Saturday, December 14, 2013

~Day 14 and 15 of Christmas~

I know that Tomorrow is Day 15...but I have a BUSY day tomorrow, so I'm posting early for once! =)
I have company coming for dinner tomorrow, and Tomorrow is the first service in our New church building!!!  Praise the Lord! 
So here are Day 14 and 15.
~DAY 14~
Last night we were at Cracker Barrel and I was so HAPPY to see that they had just put their Christmas 50% off!!!  YEA!
(Now, I hear that not every Cracker Barrel starts their sales the same day, so don't be Bitter at me if yours hasn't started their sales yet.  =) 
Since I spoke at that Ladies meeting they gave me a monetary spend on ME! 
So I was Delighted to get this red and white sparkly Christmas sign and this fun white cake stand (which I've been WATCHING and dreaming of for awhile!).~
~Our kids all ready to leave for the Jr. Church Christmas pizza party this morning.  Sarah is 13 now, but she wanted to go this last time.  =) ~
~Our sweet Mary in her new (from Once Upon A Child) pink hat that has matching gloves!~
~DAY 15~
Just a peak into our downstairs bathroom. 
I just got this little "real-looking" Christmas tree from The Christmas tree shops for $2.99!  I like the touch it adds. 
Somewhere, years ago, I got the CUTE little off-white metal sled.~

~And I got this cute little off-white "beaded" candle ring at Christmas tree shops as well.  CHEAP! 
I hung it as a wreath on my Black and White Damask frame that always hangs in our bathroom. 
(I got the frame at Goodwill months ago. =)
~Have a Wonderful weekend in Jesus~


Anonymous said...

Dearest Heather,
I have loved looking at all your fall decor and now all your Christmas decor! I LOVE it! You have done a great job and since you get things cheep it makes it fun, because we can all decorate on a budget, too!!! Fun!!! Love and prayers, Hannah Klunder

Anonymous said...

I'm happy you got to have fun shopping at Cracker Barrel with things for a half off price. I liked the sign and the cake holder. I am SO HAPPY that you guys have your OWN house now, filled with your own belongings. I love your 3 story home. We've been praying for you all, and we love you all very much. We had the BEST TIME EVER being with you guys! With love, Mom D

Brittany said...

Mary looks so sweet in that cute hat, and I just love her coat!

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