Tuesday, November 26, 2013

~Veterans day choir, Ladies' night out, mini burlap stockings, and more.~

~Kimberly and the GBS high school choir sang some patriotic songs for Veterans day.  It was nice.~
~Kimberly is in the back in the green blouse, and her cousin is in front of her.
Kimberly is really enjoying singing in the choir.~
~A couple weeks ago there was a Ladies' night out for our church ladies.  Deanna was gracious and opened up her new home to host the party.
Tara made these cute "Grinch kabobs.~
~Laura made these cute cupcakes with Turkies on them.~
~Deanna's kids made this Cute "snowman" using a creamer bottle.  Dee served her sugar for the coffee in 'em.~
~We had such a fun evening visiting and laughing our heads off.~
~Sharon, Janie, and Susanna.~
~Michele, Heather (Yours truly), and Deanna.~

~There was Lots of yummy food that night.~
~I brought the Jalepeno dip in the pie plate and the tortilla chips in the basket with leaves on it.  2 Ladies brought trays of my favorite...Shrimp and sauce.  =) ~
~Then we had a White Elephant gift exchange.  Most of us brought nice gifts, but a few brought funny/gag gifts.
I ended up with some of the GAG gifts, like a Home Interior picture (Stay tuned to see what I do with it =), and cans of Nasty tomato sauce.  =)
The next evening Grammy came to our house and brought me 3 NICE hostess' gifts cause she felt sorry for what I had received the night before.  You are the BEST Grammy!  =) ~
~Opening gifts...
~and deciding Whose gift you wanted to STEAL! =) ~
~I decided that I wanted to take a nice White Elephant gift.  Like I said earlier, I couldn't find ANYTHING in my house that I wanted to get rid of =)...so I decided to whip up some little burlap Christmas stockings, added " 5 bucks for Starbucks" inside them, and threw some candy in the bottom of my homemade gift bag.
Here's the stockings.~
~And here's my homemade gift bag.
I'm sure you've probably seen this before.
But if not, just take your Gold Medal flour bag, shake out extra flour in the bottom =), roll down the top, punch 2 holes in either side, add some binders' twine and tie knots on the OUTSIDE of the bag, and....~
~Voila...you have your own cute country gift bag.
(I recently have been on a SPRAY PAINT Binge and I spray painted Mary's high chair that my gift bag is sitting on.  Her chair had been a dark green with pink flowers on it.  =) ~
~Later I made these stockings as a hostess gift for another dear friend.~
~And today...I finished 12 mini burlap stockings to put on our Christmas tree when I set it up next Friday. =) ~

~I trust that each of you have a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  We each have so much for which we need to Thank Jesus!!!~


Nicki said...

Love the burlap stockings. Those will look great on your tree. I might have to steal your gift bag idea for our While Elephant gift exchange at the church party. Very clever.

lila said...

Fun post!! Love the stockings!! Love and prayers

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