Saturday, December 7, 2013

~Day 5, Day 6, and Day 7 of Christmas~

 Sorry...I got behind on my blog. In the last 3 days I have:
1. helped our Sarah celebrate her 13th birthday,
2. Drove to Indiana in the ice and snow to speak at Mrs. Kennedy and Mrs. Rhonda's Ladies' Christmas gathering and then VERY PRAYERFULLY SLIPPED AND SLID our way back to Cincinnati, and
3. Then on Friday night (last night) there were 24 of us at our house for a snack after the GBS Christmas program.  =)  So, that is where I have been.  =) 
~DAY 5~
~I love this antique heater that some friends of ours gave us.~
 ~And here's our little snowman that we made out of a little creamer bottle.  If you look closely you can see that Kimberly made him a little 3D nose.   We use 'em to put our sugar in...and keep him near the coffee pot. ~
 ~DAY 6~
Grandpa and Grandma and Kimberly helped Sarah and I make her little snowmen SnowMafia for her birthday. =)  ~
 ~We used mini chocolate chips for his mouth...but they ended up making him look like a mafia man.   =) ~

 ~Our snowman centerpiece.  I thought Sarah did a great job drawing the little snowman on the my little chalkboard.~

 ~Sarah opening her gifts.~

 ~Dear Grandpa took us out to Skyline for lunch. 
Cousin Darla, Grandpa, and Sarah.~
 ~Grandpa and his Kimberly.~
~Phillip, Heather, and little Mary.~ 
 ~Then Uncle Michael, Aunt Beth and their 4 precious children came.  We all have had a fun time holding little baby Joshua Phillip.~
~Phillip and Dad tried playing a saw with Kimberly's violin bow.~
~And we were SO HAPPY!!...that Jesus sent us SNOW!!!!  YEA!!~
 ~DAY 7~
Several months ago, Sis. Kennedy called and asked me to speak at their Ladies' Christmas gathering.
My SWEET Moma came to my Christmas talk in Indiana. I was SO HAPPY to have her with us.  Here is Mrs. Kennedy and Moma.  They've been great friends for a long time.~ 
 ~The Christmas gathering was at Mrs. Rhonda's beautiful house.  There were 6 young ladies that joined us for the evening.~

 ~Kimberly played her own arrangement of Christmas songs for the ladies, and then I gave my little talk,...and
 ~then I sang the Christmas song, "Heirlooms," and The girls and I sang a fun Christmasy song at the end. ~

 ~Gram and her 2 girls.~
 ~I was SO GLAD that Kimberly and Sarah could go with me to Indiana. ~
 ~Dear Sis. Kennedy and Sweet Rhonda and the girls and I.~
 It was SUCH A DELIGHTFUL evening being with these ladies and their church ladies.  Lots of yummy food, gorgeous Christmas decor, and lovely ladies.  We had lots of fun laughing, talking, exchanging Christmas ornaments, etc.   Jesus helped me with my little talk and then gave us a safe trip as we PRAYED our way HOME Thursday night.  We got home at 1:00 A.M.
The girls and I really enjoyed our evening.


Emily Grace said...

Happy Happy Birthday to Sarah! Love to you all -Emily Albertson

lila said...

So special Grandpa and Grandma Dickinson could be there for Sarah's birthday and a lot of other neat things that are going on!! So glad Jesus helped you get home safely! Looks like a fun nice time at the Christmas party. You all look so cute in your festive attire. Love you tons

Jennifer Grissom said...

IN is my old stomping grounds. We pastor Rhonda's SIL and family here in WV. Was able to meet her this summer...super sweet!

Natasha said...

adorbs!!! Love all the pics!!! the pic of Sarah on her birthday is TOO adorable!!! :)
Love you all~

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