Wednesday, December 4, 2013

~Day 4 of Christmas~

~I tell you when you have lived outside of the USA and have spent 5 Christmases away from HOME...the phrase/song, "I'll be Home for Christmas" takes on a NEW meaning! So, I was happy to find this sign among my Christmas decor when I unpacked it this year. =) 
I placed this little arrangement on a little table near our stairs.~
~Thank the Lord, Grandpa and Grandma D. arrived SAFELY last night.  They live in AZ, so we are BLESSED that they got to come and visit us in OH. =) ~

1 comment:

lila said...

Yay!! Didn't know when Bud and Sherry was to arrive but have been praying they would make it safely!!! Can't wait to see you all. Hoping and praying the weather doesn't keep us from making it to your house.

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