Tuesday, December 3, 2013

~Day 3 of Christmas~

It's the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!! Oh, how I L.O.V.E. Christmas!
This post is sort of Christmas-y, but mainly I wanted to show you the window Shutters that Jesus and I WEATHERED!  =)
I was telling My Friend Regina that I wanted some shutters to Weather to look like old wooden shutters.  ('Cause if you've priced old wooden shutters recently...they are $35 or so EACH!  EEEEK!!!)
Regina told me she had some brown plastic shutters that someone had given her and she didn't need, so she gave them to me.   So after asking my friend Connie how to "antique" or weather them, I started the process last week.
The first step that I was to do was to paint them.  So on Monday evening I painted 2 brown plastic shutters an antique white.  I then had to run my girls to a Thanksgiving dinner for the young people of our church, and then go grocery shopping for our own Thanksgiving dinner.  So I left my shutters outside leaning against our back porch to dry.
On the way home late that night it started snowing.  =) =) =)
When I got home I asked my sweetheart if the snow was going to hurt my shutters.  He said he didn't think it would bother them.
The next day was warmer and all the snow started melting away.  In the afternoon I asked my Kimberly to bring in my shutters so they could dry from the drips of snow on them, so I could then finish the antiquing process. (Which was to sand some spots and then rub a stain on them [which I would then rub back off quickly]).
She came back inside saying, "Oh, Mommy, the snow has melted off our roof and has been dripping on your shutters and some of the paint has run."    =(
At first, my heart SUNK, for I knew my parents were coming and I had WAY TOO MUCH TO DO to start all over again.
But then, when she brought them inside...we FELL IN LOVE with HOW JESUS allowed the drips to WEATHER my 2 shutters PERFECTLY!!!    
I didn't have to do a THING to them...but start decorating with them!!!  =)
~Here's one of my shutters in our downstairs little bathroom. My friend Janet gave me the cute keys I hung on this shutter.~

~Isn't that so NEAT how Jesus SAVED ME SOME TIME by weathering my shutters?  =) ~
~And here's the one that is in our dinning room by the old ice box.  It now looks more Christmasy...for it holds our NEW Christmas family picture...but that's not for you to see yet.  =) ~
~Thank you, Jesus, for helping me with my shutters.  You are VERY AWESOME!!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Now, my DEAR in-laws are flying in from AZ today, so I must SCOOT so I can get everything ready for them. =) ~

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lila said...

The shutters are beautiful and that is just like our awesome Jesus to make them look the way you wanted.I love your decorating style!!

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