Tuesday, December 10, 2013

~Day 9 and Day 10 of Christmas~

We had our churches fun Christmas dinner last night. I'll post pics of that soon.
My in-laws are here until Thursday and Michael and Beth and family are with us too. We're trying to soak up all the family time we can get!
 ~ Amy took this family pic of us at John Manly's church yesterday morning.
L to R back row: Michael, Beth, Dad D. holding little Joshua, Mom, Heather, Phillip, Sarah, and Kimberly.
L to R: front row: Jeremiah, Isaiah, Sophia, Mary, Noah, Elijah.
 Phillip's cousin Johnny from out in AZ drives a truck.  His route took him through Cinci last night, so spent the night with us and then My Daddy and Moma were here this morning and they and Johnny ate breakfast with us. We are having lots of fun being with family this Christmas!!!
~We don't have any electricity on our porch yet so I couldn't put lights out there this Christmas (I have candles in the windows) so I decided that I could at least tie little strips of burlap on my little tree and put a bow on top even if I can't add lights to it.  =)~
~DAY 9~
~And I love my old sled that Becky gave me back in 2009.  I got the little ice skates at Goodwill.~
~And I thought it was so fun with the real snow on the holly. I also have a wreath and some bells on my front door, but it's COLD and snowy out right now, so I'll have to take a pic of that later. =)~
~DAY 10~
~Kimberly sang in the GBS Christmas program Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Kimberly is the 2nd from the Left on the back row.
We had tickets for Friday night....but the only way we could get there was because we live very close and Michael had a 4-wheel drive.  There was lots of snow and ice that night, so the crowd was WAY DOWN from the usual Friday night crowd.~
~The Christmas program was very good this year.  Jesus' presence was very close.~
~Here's Kimberly heading out with Uncle Michael and Daddy to sing in the play on Saturday.~


Keith and Crystal said...

I've enjoyed your posts, Heather! May you and your family have a very blessed Christmas!!


lila said...

Your front porch looks so cute! So happy you got a lot of family time in this past week or so. The GBS program was very good. Thanks for inviting us. Thank the Lord we made it there safe. I love all your Christmas posts. Well of course I love ALL your posts. Much love and prayers

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