Friday, December 20, 2013

~Day 19 and 20 of Christmas~

~Day 19~ 
Back in April I was at my friend Becky's house in PA and saw these adorable red and white polka dotted dishes. She told me that she got them at the Christmas Tree shops.  Having been out of the USA for the last several years, I had never even heard of the Christmas Tree shops.  
Then when I was at her house again in Aug. I told her that I had gone to the Christmas Tree shops and that I had looked for the red and white dishes and they didn't have them at that time when I went.  She then said, "I was planning on getting rid of you want them?  
I was SHOCKED!!  I was in NO WAY HINTING...for I had no way of knowing that she was ready to pass them on to someone else.  So, of course I readily agreed that I would LOVE to have them.  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
This past Sunday (the first Sunday in our new church) I had our friends the Shirks from AL, the Hausmans, Jeffrey, Daddy and Moma, along with our family for Sunday dinner.  Laura and Moma helped make food too, and it was all yummy!  
~I had so MUCH FUN setting my table with the new dishes from Becky.  I had forgotten that I had a fun Cookie jar that just matched her dishes too to put in the center.~
~I love the red and white round peppermint paper napkins that I found at Hobby Lobby.~
~I LOVE red and white at Christmas!!!~
~Near my birthday I found these white lanterns ~3 for the price of one~ at our Kroger Marketplace. =)~
~And I love using my little Christmas ornament place card holders.~
~I didn't get a lot of pics of our new church (Which we have built debt-free over a period of 10 years!)  but here's part of the entry way.~
~Mary and part of the entry way.~
~In the girls' bathroom.  The decor was so CUTE I had to have a pic.  So, I asked Brittany to hold Mary so I could get them in the mirror. =)  My friend Connie did a great job decorating the new church.~
~Pastor E. opening the service!~
~Part of the front of the church.~
~Then on Sunday night Elijah and Mary fell sleep on the way to church.  Phillip brought them inside and they slept most of the service. =) ~
~There was a singspiration Sunday evening.  Our family sang a special.
Here Kimberly joined Bethany Kline in playing her violin for the Mills special.  It was a song that Sis. Mills wrote.  It was beautiful.~
 ~I didn't get many pics of the Shirks being here.  But we had a fun time eating supper together on Saturday evening, playing a quick game of Mad which we HOWLED laughing, and just being together.
Here's a pic of Kimberly, Bryanna, and Katrina together Sunday evening in the new church.~
 ~Day 20~ 
Wow!  I need a FEW More days in December to get all of my Christmas posting in.=) I still have lots I want to post. We'll see how I can Squeeze it all in in the few days I have left.  =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
For Sarah's 13th birthday...she invited a handful of girls from our church (her parents couldn't afford to invite more =) and she and I took them 5 different places that afternoon.
We started off with supper at Wendy's.
It was a quick one, for we knew we only had 3 hours in which to get all the running and shopping done we wanted to do.  ('Cause one of the girls had a violin recital at 7:00 so we could only "Have girls' time" till 6:00 =)
But, Jesus helped us and we got it all in and had a BLAST being together!~
 ~Our next stop was Starbucks! ~

 ~I tried to give them a few minutes to enjoy their Starbucks...before we ran to our last 3 stops shops. =D ~
 ~They wanted a funny picture.~
 ~I think we got 2 of those funny pics.  =) ~
 ~Chatting and laughing and having Girl time!~
 ~Then I ran them to a FUN store called Pizazz in downtown Loveland.  SO CUTE!  Such FUN things for sale there. ~
 ~This is what I got my Sweetheart Phillip there at Pizazz. =) ~
  ~After we left Pizazz we ran to Goodwill and had about an hour to shop!  It's a great Goodwill and always has GREAT stuff and WONDERFUL prices.
Like that day they had 3 different colored tags of clothes on Sale for 50. each!!!  YEA!
The girls got to do some of their own Christmas shopping for their family, and I got some treasures too.  =)
We had a lot of fun together and Sarah had a HAPPY Birthday party with her friends!~

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lila said...

Love the red and white dishes. Nice new church! What a blessing to have it all paid for. Great post!!

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