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~Day 8 of Christmas~

~DAY 8~
~Remember my cute little snowman who went from AZ in 2006 to Colombia, South America, and then we found room for him in our suitcases to bring him back to our Ohio home? I love to unpack him each year! =)  This little bit of Snowy decor normally sits in front of my "weathered" window shutter in our dinning room...but I'm still not ready to post our family Christmas pic yet.  =) ~
This will be a bit lengthy, but I wanted to post what I spoke about at the Christmas ladies gathering in IN.  But, for those of you who might have a minute to read this...
These are my thoughts on what Mary the mother of Jesus might have experienced that first Christmas!
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Mary’s Memories from that First Christmas
Now Let’s imagine what kind of memories Mary, the Mother of Jesus, had of that first Christmas long ago.  Let’s hear it in Mary’s own words (or how I imagine) what might have taken place.

I well remember the day that I was working in the kitchen—baking bread and scrubbing floors for Moma.  I was thinking of HOW EXCITING I was that Joseph had asked me to be His wife.  I couldn’t wait to scrub floors and bake bread in our own home…for Joseph my new husband.
While I was far away in my thoughts I suddenly saw a bright light.  When I turned around there was an angel.  AN ANGEL I tell you RIGHT THERE IN MY VERY OWN KITCHEN!!!  The angel began to speak to ME…and I hear Him saying that I was chosen to bear the Christ-Child.  At first I was awe-struck!  WHY would He choose ME?!  And then I got to thinking that I Knew NO MAN…I was a virgin…how could I bear a child?
Afterwards He explained that I would be with child by the Holy Ghost.  I couldn’t wait to tell Joseph.  Joseph was my Very Best Friend…and we always shared everything with each other. 
But THIS time…when I shared my Happy news with him…Things were different.  Joseph didn’t seem to be happy that I was chosen.  He didn’t seem to REVEAL in the miracle that I…little ol’ Me…would bear our Messiah.  For days He seemed distant.  What was on His mind? Did He not Believe me?? Did He think that I was not Pure?  That I had been Unfaithful and sinned against Him and God? 
And when I shared my news with my parents---they looked shocked!  Somehow I don’t think they believe me either.  It is such a sin to be pregnant before one’s marriage and they are convinced that I have been sinful with my Joseph.  I know it’s quite the story that I’m pregnant by the Holy Ghost.
(Just think about it, ladies.  Do you think MY parents would have believed me if I would’ve become pregnant before Phillip and I got married…and I would’ve told them that I was pregnant by the Holy Ghost?! =)
One preacher mentioned that we should never take unspoken requests lightly.  He said that a lot of times our unspoken requests are often the Heavy burdens that are closet to our hearts!  I’m sure that Mary during this time had a CONSTANT unspoken request at church…can you imagine all she was bearing?
Mary Talking Again!
I met Joseph at the well today and He told me that He had been mindful to put me away privately…due to my being pregnant by another man.  But last night Joseph was sound asleep when an angel came to Him and told him that what I had told was TRUE…That I was expecting a baby by the Holy Ghost.  That angel told him to take me to be His wife.
WOW!  Thank God for angels.  =) =) =)
I went to spend some months with my cousin Elisabeth and that was a blessed time.  I’m pretty sure that she believes my story.
Then came the news that we had to go to Bethlehem for the census.  That was not what I had expected.  I thought that  I’d have this baby in the comfort of my own home with my Mom (Who still looks doubtful of my story) standing at my side. But Now…we must travel by DONKEY and foot for days until we reach Bethlehem.  And where will we stay when we get there?  WHERE will I deliver the Messiah? 
  So after many long tiresome days riding a donkey we got to Bethlehem.  But as we got closer I started feeling pains like I had never experienced before in my life.  I told Joseph that I thought we’d better hurry into town and find a room…for this baby was coming SOON!  Well, we did just that…we got into town and it was swarming with people.  People everywhere you looked!!  Joseph went from hotel to hotel trying to find a room and there was NONE!  By this time my pains were getting HARDER—I MUST have a place to lay down.  (I must get to a hospital room in time to get my EPIDURAL!! =) =)
Finally one of the Inn Keepers saw my condition and said that they had a stable.  Yes, you hear that right—a stable.  I delivered the Savior of the world in a STINKY…STALE Stable.   But afterwards when I held baby Jesus in my arms I realized that ALL I had gone through to get Him here was worth it.  The ridicule, the slander, the gossip, the loss of my good name, being thought of as a sinner woman by my own husband and parents, family and community wasn’t at all easy.  But In remembering back I realize that nothing else was that important—JESUS was the only “thing” that really mattered!!
And still today, Ladies, this Christmas…JESUS is the only thing/person that matters.  Our enemy would love to get us so busy with the running, decorating, cooking, cleaning, wrapping, and gift giving that we forget that JESUS is the REASON FOR THE SEASON!!
In today’s society one’s happiness seems to depend on what you own.  Kids often judge if they had a GOOD CHRISTMAS by what they received.  We as adults are often tempted to compare our husbands, their jobs, the money we have (or don’t have) our homes and our things to those around us.
It’s so FUN to look on Pinterest and see the fun and beautiful pics of Christmas and other décor, but we need to be careful for Pinterest can get us to start wishing we had THAT house or THAT décor or think that our home and things are MORE SHABBY THAN CHIC!  =)
Let us instead Look around…start COUNTING OUR BLESSINGS and Thanking God and our husbands for what they’ve provided. 
So no doubt if Mary could be here today to talk to us, she probably wouldn’t have a glowing report of their “Romantic Get-away” to Bethlehem =), nor how Gorgeous the 7 foot Christmas Tree was decorated in their stable where Jesus was born, =) But she would tell us that it was a very Special Christmas because she gave herself to be a VESSEL for God to use.  (Sometimes the devil wants us to WISH we could minister to others, or touch lives…and Makes us FORGET that God has placed us in a home with a husband and children to MINISTER TO!!!  Make those everyday meals special, take time to PRAY with and for your husband and children, decorate your best with what you have, and KEEP JOYFUL! )
You’ve heard the expression…and I’ve found it to be true! …If Mama ain’t happy, aint nobody happy!!!  I find that one reason that the devil tempts me is to let the SMALL things Rob my JOY!!  Let’s take time to be with Jesus each morning and ask Him to keep us Joyful.  For if we aren’t joyful, than chances are our home, and family will NOT be joyful either.  And our poor husbands; Who wants to come home to a Grouchy wife?  =) 
This Christmas may we each be the vessel that God wants us to be.  May we SHINE FOR HIM in our homes, waiting in line at the grocery store, or wherever God places us.  =)
~Heather Dickinson 2013~


Brittany said...

I've so enjoyed your Christmas posts! You and your girls have the cutest ideas =) I wanted to join in with the Days of Christmas posts SO BAD this year! And yep, here it is the 9th and I haven't made it yet... I'm gonna try real hard to start playing catch up today ;)

lila said...

Very good Heather!! You always have a way with words and give such good advice. You are a blessing to so many!! I know God will continue to use in a special way!! Much love and prayers

Stephanie Lynn Burley said...

Love this, Heather. When I had my first child, just a month before Christmas, I thought a lot more about Mary and what she may have experienced. It was really emotional for me to think about her. Then I watched The Nativity Story, and I gained a completely different perspective. I try to watch it every year because it adjusts my focus.
I've enjoyed your Christmas posts, as well!

dannyandlizFlowers said...

Wow! Great thoughts about the Mother of our Saviour! Enjoyed reading them and as always you have challenged and inspired me to be the kind of wife, Momma, and Godly Lady that I can be! Thank-you! Keep having fun decorating and celebrating :o)

RicKaren said...

I have so enjoyed catching up with your Christmas posts tonight! I love you writing on Mary--I was expecting last year at Christmas so seemed to see Christmas through her eyes more than ever before.

Daryl Hausman said...

needed an excuse to have some "Me" time and your blog tonight was my perfect answer! Enjoyed reading this post! Love ya... and now back to hurryin and scurryin!
Love your sis,

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