Tuesday, December 24, 2013

~Day 24 and Day 25 of Christmas~

~DAY 24~
~My sweet friend Connie brought me a hostess gift when she came to our Christmas gathering.  It was this neat Can Candle spray painted with "Rust" paint...and it smells heavenly!  Thank you, Connie! =) ~
~And She also gave me this fun burlap table runner that has old jingle bells on it. =) ~
~And I love this Scripture plaque that says,
"My Soul finds Rest in God alone.  Psalm 62:1"~
~This "Come Adore Him" chalkboard originally was a painting with bird houses on it.
I LOVED the distressed frame and got it for less than half off at a thrift store near the cabin and came home and chalk-boarded over the bird houses.~
~Let us all adore HIM (Jesus) this season.~
~I love this Christmas tea pot Phillip got me years ago.~
~Sis. Kemp gave me this Christmas tree chalkboard.  Kimberly wrote the sign on it for me.
"Feliz Navidad Prospero Año y Felicidad."
 ~Kimberly put a bath and body works gift inside a tiny box, then wrapped it and tied the string through a button.  =)  She made this for a youth party white elephant gift.~

 ~If you've never mixed Coke and Egg Nog half and half, it's a fun festive drink...sort of like a Coke float taste.~
 ~A cute little Box that Kimberly made  and then made into an "owl" to put some money in for a white elephant gift for a youth function. She liked the eyelashes she put on it. =)~
~DAY 25!!~
 When Phillip and I were at the cabin together I googled "Family Christmas pic ideas" and saw some fun things.
But, the more I looked, the more I noticed that the background wasn't all that important, the thing that made each pic neat was the people and the colors they wore.
So, instead of driving all over town to get our Christmas picture...I suggested that we step right outside our back door, bring my old bench from our entry way and my old sled and skates out and get our picture by our neighbors' falling down garage! =)
We Love the old window.
As you might be able to tell...it was very CHILLY out there!
We were happy with how our Christmas picture turned out! 
(and wouldn't you know THE NEXT DAY...it snowed, but we were too busy and tired to take our pics again. =)~
~And here it is on my "old" shutter in our dinning room.~
~A Verry Merry Christmas  
from our house to yours!~
(Yes...I misspelled "Verry" on purpose...it just looks cuter! =)
I've Loved going through the 25 days of Christmas with y'all!
Thanks for your super fun and Sweet comments on my blog. =)


Anonymous said...

Daryl Hausman has left a new comment on your post "~Day 25 of Christmas~":

Loved getting to take a break (a much needed one, I might add) and catch up on your blog. Fun pics everywhere and of course amazing Decor! Love being your neighbor! Darling reindeer brownies too. (I think they were gone by the time we got here... such a LONG DRIVE! ;-)
Sweet pics of your fam too. Love it! Merry Christmas! much Love Laura and Family

Anonymous said...

Keith and Crystal has left a new comment on your post "~Day 25 of Christmas~":

Love the picture and all your Christmas posts. :) Have a Merry Christmas!!!!

Karen Walden said...

I enjoyed following your 25 days of Christmas. Have a Merry Christmas!

lila said...

I don't think I have commented on all your posts. We have been busy but have really enjoyed aaallll your Christmas decor. Wow you have it all put together so beautiful! I love your Christmas pic. Kimberly is doing a great job too. Love you all tons

Brittany said...

Great Christmas family picture! We didn't even try to get one this year :( I've loved ALL your pics this Christmas! You're inspiring =)

RicKaren said...

I really love your family photo!

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