Friday, December 13, 2013

~Day 11, 12, and 13 of Christmas~

~DAY 11~
(I'm trying to be faithful to post my Days of Christmas, but between trying to fight off an infection, having a houseful of family that left yesterday morning,( which we LOVED having) and then having 46 of us last night from our church for a wintery gathering at Our House...I've had a hard time posting on time. =) are that last 3 days. =)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
We invited friends to come over to be with Dad and Mom D. and Michael and Beth and our family the Friday night of the GBS Christmas program, Dec. 6th.    With the SNOW 2 families couldn't make it.  (We missed y'all Trint and Janette, and U. Nate and A. Alberta. )
We were GLAD for the ones that could.  (Thanks for sliding your way to be with us...David and Roseanne, and Mr. Jim and Mrs. Lila!!)
We had a very fun time and there were LOTS of yummy snacks to go around.  =)
~I had asked my father-in-law and my sweetheart if they could cut a piece of fiberglass to lay on the top of our old gas stove, so I could serve drinks there, yet you could still see the neat stove.
Phillip didn't have the right kind of cutter, but my b-i-l Michael did.  =)  THANK YOU, DEAR MICHAEL, for cutting that for me.  I added some cranberries and lime slices to make a Christmasy effect.~
~Lots of yummy goodies to choose from.
The girls, Grandpa, Phillip, and I made the Oreo cookie pops and I displayed them in a styrofoam Christmas tree. =) ~

~2 of my good buddies...Roseanne, and Lila~

~We LOVED having everyone with us.  We were THRILLED that Michael and Beth could join us for a few days too!!~
~Then on Saturday Phillip used a ladder to go HIGH in a tree to hang a swing for our kids to swing on.  Uncle Michael and Phillip both tried it out, so you know it's Strong and SAFE!!!  =) ~
~Then on Sunday we went to Michael and Beth's church in Dayton.  Michael and Beth wanted to dedicate their little Joshua Phillip when Dad and Mom and our family could be there.
Bro. Manly dedicated little Joshua and did a great job.
Michael asked Phillip and I to sing for the dedication...and I wept my way through the song, "We're building Temples for Jesus to live in."
~Janelle and I.~
~L to R: Sarah, Kimberly, Kinsey, and the Patton twins.~
~L to R: Sarah, Kimberly holding little Joshua, Kinsey, and the Manly girl.~
~And then Mary and Sophia wanted to join in.~
~All of us.~
~DAY 12~
~Our church Christmas dinner was at the Receptions hall in Loveland.  It was beautiful and so YUMMY! Here are the Christmas cakes that we enjoyed.~

~ I was so GLAD and got permission for both sets of our parents to join us for that special evening!~
~Moma and Daddy, Laura, and silly Daryl trying to LEAN over to be in the pic.  =) ~
~Phillip, A FREEZING Heather wearing Phillip's suitcoat, and our good friends Deanna, and Rob.~
~Mary's table.~
~Sarah and Darla's table.~
~Elijah, Noah and Bryan's table.~
~These 4 girls acted like they were singing a prerecorded song sung by a male quartet.  The girls did a great job acting.  Our niece Darla is on the right.~

~Phillip being silly with one of the girl's hats.~
~Kimberly and Brittany's table.~

~We have the most Awesome pastor and wife.  They LOVE God and LOVE their people with all of their hearts!~
~My sweet sister and her husband Daryl and their family.~
~Emily was going to take a pic of these 4 cousins/friends from CNC when Brittany and Kimberly jumped in the pic for the fun.~
~I took this pic with Emily's camera of Kimberly and some of her great friends from our church. ~
 ~Emily snapped this pic of our little Mary!~
 ~Lots of CNC Friends together! =) ~
 ~Emily took these family pics of us.~
~It was a lovely and delightful evening!~
~Dear Kimberly and her Dear cousin Brittany~
~Day 13~
 (We literally invited our ENTIRE church body of CNC to come to our house for a Winter Gathering Last evening.
I knew that not everyone would be able to show up, but was HAPPY with those who could.  Like I said there were 46 or so of us.  Pics coming on another "Day of Christmas" post. =)
Last night while we were preparing for our guests to come from Church I yelled up the stairs and asked my Sarah to please come and get her rain boots that Jesus helped her to find at Goodwill.
Then an idea popped into my idea.
They are SO CUTE...why not decorate with them.  =)
So here is our entry way.~

 I trust that each of you are having a very Merry Christmas season.~


lila said...

Your entry way is so cute! Love the flowers in the boots!! You are getting more creative by the day! Glad you had a nice turn out from your church!!

RicKaren said...

I LOVE the rainboots in the entryway!

lila said...

I didn't realize you had 3 posts connected until I had already left a comment. I want to thank you again for having us over. It was such a delightful time and I enjoyed all your festive decor. It was so good to spend time with Bud and Sherry and Michael and Beth and their precious little ones. The church party looks great!!! Wish we could have been there. So happy your parents was there!! Love you all tons

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