Tuesday, May 1, 2012

~Trying to touch lives...one at a time~

Please pray for Sis. Farly.  She must have the same sickness that has been at our house.  I'm still not feeling myself...a week and a half later.  =(
~One Friday evening we invited Jimmy and Farly and their girls over to do some cooking/baking.  When they arrived they had this little 5 year old girl Joanna with them. 
Joanna is a student from their school in Paraiso.  I won't go into the SAD details of the POOR conditions that little Joanna (and LOTS of other kids in Paraiso) live in on my blog but suffice it to say that little Joanna had to stay down in our living room for her head is crawling in lice!  (No matter how much Sis. Farly tries to buy lice shampoo and help these students get rid of their lice...when they go back home that night, they sleep in the same dirty sheets and are around their brothers and sisters that have lice, so they come back to school with lice!) 
Could you please pray for little Joanna and all the students at Jimmy and Farly's school.  Jimmy and Farly are GIVING THEIR LIVES to touch these little lives for Jesus!  These precious students and their families surely NEED HIM!~

 ~That Friday evening Sis. Farly showed me how to make "Arroz con Pollo" (Rice with chicken) and per her request I showed her how to make oatmeal raisin cookies, and banana bread.  We made a double batch of cookies so she could take some to school to the students in Paraiso on Monday.  =)~
 ~Sis. Farly's DELICIOUS arroz con Pollo!!~
 ~We had a great evening visiting...  =)~
~ and eating.  =)  ~
 ~Our cookies that Sis. Farly took to pass out to the VERY HAPPY students at their Christian school.~
 ~The kids playing a game of "Tio Rico" (Rich uncle)...similar to "Life."~
 ~On Saturday we took Lady and Gaby to our nearby restaurant for their CHEAP yummy lunch.  (I think we paid around $10.00 for all 9 of us to eat a full course meal!~
 There are so MANY HURTING around us.  It reminds me of these words to the song Let Me Touch Him:
"Oh to be HIS HAND extended...Reaching OUT to the oppressed,
Let Me Touch Him, Let me touch Jesus....so that others will know and be blessed."


Stephanie Burley said...

Heather - I don't know if you or the other lady have ever used baby oil to help get rid of lice, but it works wonders. Soak the hair in oil, wrap in a towel, and go to bed. Rinse the next day, and repeat as necessary. Other types of oils can be used, as well. It suffocates the lice.
So sad that children have to deal with those miserable conditions. I picked up lice from a student several years ago, and it was one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever had to endure. Of course, my exremely long, thick hair really made things interesting!
Hope you have a wonderful week!

lila said...

I can leave comments again!!!!! The electric went off the other day and google made sign back in to leave a comment and I wasn't able to get into it so had to wait for Jim to fix it. We are so blessed. It is so sad how some people have to live. So glad for those who are trying their best to help and win souls for Jesus. The food looks yummy.

~Carla~ said...

Oh goodness, your lice story makes me itch. Those dear lil babies, if the housing conditions don't change it seems like all your efforts are futile to get ride of those stinkin lice :/

The food looks yummy :) Looks like a great time of fellowship too. Always love your updates :)

Hugs to ya, Carla

Kira said...

How sad to hear of this little girls plight ( and the other children in the school ) ........may we never forget how others how to live and may we each have a burning desire to touch their lives in every way we can !

Food looked yummy !

Anonymous said...

Love your precious family so much!! I pray for you all daily!!

~ Love and Hugs
Isela Janet

Brittany said...

The chicken and rice dish looks SO good! so do those cookies ;) Blessings to all of you giving of yourselves for the Lord's work!

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