Friday, May 11, 2012

~Fun Food party ideas~

I would have probably taken little Mary with me to the USA so that my family could have at least seen her...but when you fly internationally with a child under still have to pay taxes which most of the time are around $400.00 or so! I just didn't have that extra couldn't take little Mary. =(
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I promised part 1 pics from GG's birthday party...but then all of my family is sick and I'm playing cook, nurse, errand-runner, etc.  So, tonight, I'm going to just post some pics of some fun/yummy party ideas from GG's party...and then as soon as I can I'll post part 1 of her party.  Thanks for understanding.  =)
~This is me putting together a fun center piece/way to hold fruit/cheese kabobs before GG's party.~
~You just make your fruit kabobs however you want.
Some ideas would be:
~Alternate 2 grapes, a cube of cheese, 2 grapes, a cube of cheese, etc.
~For the Red, White, and Blue of Fourth of July I like to do pineapple chunks for the "white", grapes or blueberries for the "blue" and Strawberries with the stems for the red. 
~Choc. covered strawberries with the stems are fun too.
~For a springy event you could put a small artificial colorful flower on the end of each skewer before you start your fruit.  I've done that before and it was really cute.
Leave enough room on the DULL end of the kabob for someone to pick up the skewer.
Leave enough room on the pointy end (About 2 inches or so) to shove down into a pineapple!
Do not put the fruit on the skewers any earlier than the night before or the fruit starts tasting like wood.
Make sure when you are putting the kabobs in the pineapple that you have an even amount or just make sure the pineapple is balanced and doesn't tip over.  When serving try to take one from one side, and the next from the other side, so your pineapple won't fall over on you.  =)
I've enjoyed doing this for years.  It makes a pretty FUN centerpiece.~
~Taste of home had the idea of carving out a purple cabbage to use to hold your dip.  My Daddy did this for Moma and he just rolled the leaves back and we put a toothpick to keep them rolled back.  You can go HERE for more details. ~
~It makes for a fun presentation.  We served our Reuben sauce for our sandwiches in this purple cabbage.~
~The sandwiches were so yummy with Moma's reuben sauce.
In the copper serving dish were little smokies in BBQ sauce and grape jelly.  (2 parts BBQ sauce, 1 part grape jelly!  You can pre-bake your little Smokies sausages in the oven to give them a toasted taste and then mix your 2 sauces together and add the sausages and heat it all up in your crock pot for at least 3 hours or so (to mix flavors well) until ready to serve.)  MMMMmmmm GOOD!~
~Everything looked so beautiful and was so yummy at GG's party!  =)~
And as Always...ENJOY!
Part 1 of GG's party pics coming up soon!
Please pray for my family to get better.   I'm trying to get as much done as I can before it hits me. ={


~Gregory said...

Sorry your family isn't feeling well! Hopefully it makes a speedy exit before it "hits" you!! Will be praying for you all! =)
~ Tasha

mmsbryan said...

Am looking forward to seeing your pictures of Mother's reception. While I was very much there for some reason . . . I missed a lot. ;-) It was wonderful to see all the friends and family that came in her honor. Like your friend, Tasha I am praying that you do not get the sickness your family is suffering. Thanks again for all the expense and planning that brought you home for Grandmother's celebration. And thanks to a sweet Hubby that allowed you to come and some sweet children that sacrificed a Mommy for some days. Also, thanks to Pastor Jimmy and wife, Farley taking in and caring for some of our favorites. I know the Dickinson five had a good time and some good food, for I have been in their nice home. Your coming was a blessing, a joy and shall I say, a real delight. Love, Moma
PS I could not have done my part without Laura and we could not have made it without you and our dear friend, Carol Clapper!

lila said...

The food was good and displayed beautifully. It was such a joy to be there and how thoughtful and precious of your family and church family to let you be there!!!!!! love and prayers

Daryl Hausman said...

"Many hands make the load lighter" they say, and I'd add to that... "A LOT MORE FUN!" We had so many good laughs that are some of the special memories of preparing for that special day for Grandmother! A. Carole, A. Linda also ran errands galore to make this day possible... and we are the closer for it all! Much love and thanks again for coming... sorry the flu bug didn't listen to us and bit you anyway!;( Praying you feel better soon. Give Elijah a birthday hug from all of us!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

These food samples look and sound like they were the perfect finger foods for this 90th event. Some day I would like the recipe to your Mom's Ruben Sauce for sandwiches.
These pictures made your Fun Food Friday an extra-special post.
Love, Mom D

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