Sunday, April 29, 2012

~Happy Birthday...Grandmother!~

When I was 3 years old my Grandmother (who always teased us each birthday that she was "29 and holding")  went sledding with some of us kids.   Her sled ran partly under a parked car and she hurt her back.
Feeling her on my heart (and knowing she had a candy bowl =) I went "calling" on my Grandmother.
I asked her why in the world she had gone sledding with us when she was an "old lady"?!
To which she very emphatically replied, "I'm NOT old!"
I then asked, "Well, if you aren't old, what are you doing with those "CRACKS IN YOUR FACE?" 
Needless to say I left her house WITHOUT any candy that day. ;-)
(But she tells me she HAD to smile about what I said after I left! =)
~This picture was taken the last time we got to be with GG...November 2010.
GG with our Kimberly (12), Sarah (9), Noah (6), Elijah (2), and Mary (7 weeks old).~
My Grandmother has always been ornery--the life of the party.  One day when I was small I was talking to my Moma and didn't say something correctly.  When My Moma corrected me she told me that we all had to use, "Proper Grammer!"    
I was confused and asked her, "Whoever heard tell of a PROPER GRANDMOTHER?!?" =D
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~Happy Birthday, Grandmother~
Today a sweet lady I call "Grandmother" by name
Turns 90, My Moma's Mother, I'm here to proclaim her "fame"! =)
Her food is always DELICIOUS--She's a GREAT cook!
She cooks from memory, not from a cookbook!

I love to go to her house and eat a ton
Beans and cornbread, green beans,...Mac and Cheese...anyone?
There is always lots of sweets and candy at her place
She's young at heart in spite of those "CRACKS in her face!" =)

When the Great Grandkids came along, she became "G.G." (Great Grandmother)
Now my kids LOVE going to her house just as much as me.
G.G. spoils us and gives us lots of treats
She's the sweetest lady you could ever meet!

GG's a Southern gal--a Belle from Tennessee
She's one of the hardest workers...she challenges me.
If you call GG and she doesn't answer her phone,
She's tending to her flowers, with them she doesn't feel "alone."

Most of what I enjoy today as a child of the King,
Came because Pop Pop and GG gave Jesus EVERYTHING!
She prays for her children, 10 G. kids, and 33 G. Grand ones by name.
Wishing her Happy Birthday from HERE feels so lame!

I miss my sweet Grandmother and wish I lived nearer
But our family would probably "LOVE HER TO DEATH"...I FEAR! =D
When I think of someone of whom I'd like to be...
It's no movie star, It's a sweet lady whom we call GG!
                                                  ~written by Heather April 29th, 2012~

I love you and miss you TONS, GG  and I hope that your day is as special as you are.  Sending you lots of (((HUGS!!!)))


~Gregory said...

Sweet memories of your Grandmother. I have a host of special memories of spending summers with my Grandparents in Mexico (they were missionaries) My Grandma is at a facility with hospice care waiting to meet Jesus face to face. I don't believe it will be much longer. What a difference a Godly heritage makes. God Bless!

Sherry L Dickinson said...

I LIKE the poem you wrote about GG because it tells us about her life and about the kind of lady she is. And I see that some of these 'Proper Grammers' have the very dearest grandchildren and great grandchildren. Smile! I would have loved to have seen GG's face after her little tow headed granddaughter asked her why she went sledding when she was old, and why did she have cracks in her face. One thing for sure, no one would have enjoyed the humor of those remarks any more than your very own GG! It's delightful hearing the reminiscing of a granddaughter about her GG. Smile.
Love, Mom D

Queen Essie said...

LOVE your poem!!! Fits GG to a sweet tea ("spiked" with a little lemonade of course) =]

mmsbryan said...

You did a good job protraying your Grandmother in rhyme. On the way to prepare that celebration for her (Shhhh) will inform her when we get there tomorrow. We so wish that you could be there too. A lot of staff and students from Christ Church, College and Academy lives have been touched because of Granddaddy and Grandmother. Love, Moma

Making Memories 1999 said...

What a beautiful heritage you have, friend! I remember you all giving your GG a "surprise" at Laura's wedding. (Remember the bloomers?) =) What a sweet and funny memory.

Anonymous said...

Great words kiddo, if I could slap words like that together...I'd say a lot more trust me! You done well.
Miss you guys>

Daryl Hausman said...

How sweet. I'm leaving here in a few to head down there early to help her prepare for the B-day celebration that she doesn't even know she's having, yet! Love you and your poem was so sweet! We will miss you, praying Jesus helps and heals your heart! Love ya, Laura

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem! Love, Hannah Klunder

Anonymous said...


lila said...

Such a beautiful poem for such a beautiful lady. We love her dearly and are happy to be a friend of hers!! She feels like family. Love you tons

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