Wednesday, May 2, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...Overnight Pull-Apart Cinnamon Bread~

I have an urgent unspoken request...if you could help me pray for it, I'd really appreciate it!  Thank you!

Well, I decided to post my Fun Food Friday post early.  I sometimes do it a day late, so I thought I'd be early this time. =)  This time I am featuring my sweet daughter Kimberly and a recipe she made this week.   And as Always...Enjoy!
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The other night I (me, Kimberly) started this bread that is similar to Monkey Bread...but I like it this way better, because it is a modern way to do it.  Elijah was my helper and he wanted to eat it. I said that we would tomorrow. Then I said, "Is that okay?"  He said, "No."

For recipe click HERE
In the glaze, I put coconut extract instead of vanilla.
 My helper.
 My running shoes. I really like the colors. 
 Gram, this is for you. Thank you for this hat.
-Post by Kimberly


Charity said...

You know, Heather, I just a private jet that will allow me to visit you every Friday ;o) Yum!!! p.s. praying for you this morning! Hugs!

lila said...

Good looking bread and good looking helper!!

~ Martha said...

The bread looks like it would be a total hit at our house! I'll have to try it sometime.
Nice post, Kimberly. :-)

mmsbryan said...

Kimberly, I love the hat on you! I thought of you when I saw them as you had a black one when home for Baby Mary's birth. And so glad that God answered your Mother's request for prayer. Can't wait until she post about it!!!!!!!
I often make a loaf of bread like that when I am making our bread so that we can eat it right way, as you know it will not slice while too warm but never thought of doing the touch of cinnamon. Good idea!
I love you, Gram
PS Just home from GG's birthday reception which was a real sucess! We thank the Lord for blessing our efforts in her honor.

mmsbryan said...

K!mberly, I just noticed the back drop for your hat picture and thought the storage for your suitcases gave the perfect look of traveling with your new hat. ;-) I also like your gym shoes. Love you lots and lots, Gram

Bryanna Shirk said...

I love the Fun food Friday! It looks SOOOOOOOOO yummy!!!
I love the hat too! SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute!!!

Bryanna Shirk said...

Heather, praying for you!

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