Thursday, May 31, 2012

~Our MeMoRiAl Day! =)~

We had a very Memorable Memorial day.  I hope y'all's was happy as well!
~We were going to go and see our DEAR Colombian friends Carlos and Gloria and their kids on this day.  Before we ran out the door, we quickly made some choc. cupcakes to take with us.  We frosted them with Coolwhip, and decorated the tops red, white, and blue .  Here Mary is helping me put some sprinkles on a cupcake.~
~Thanks, Laura, for the fun "American sprinkles" you bought for me.  We're enjoying them.~

~Here is little Mary all dressed in her RED, WHITE, and BLUE!  I think she looks so much like her cousin Sophia in this picture.~
~Here's her adorable jean skirt (that our pastor and wife in Medellin made her)...and her cute red and white polka dotted "Old Navy" tennis shoes (that her little friend in Argentina gave her.  =) ~
~My sweetheart and I.~
~When we got to Carlos and Gloria's church/music school, their little Joel was sound asleep.~
~We went to a nearby restaurant to eat lunch.~
~It was a D.E.L.C.I.O.U.S. Colombian lunch for a great price!!!~
~Then we came back to their church and got the cupcakes and went to their house.~
~Their Joel and our Elijah.  2 adorable, VERY ACTIVE, dirty-faced boys, who are VERY LOVED!~
We had no clue that they were moving out of their church that day.  Phillip was able to help them a lot.  I stayed at their apt. and helped watched their children, while they and Phillip finished up at the church.    They said that we always decide to come to visit them during "crisis times" in their lives, and that makes them happy, for they feel peaceful and content when we are around.    =)
I think they sort of look at Phillip as their "pastor."  They and Phillip love to talk about the Bible when we are together.  They always ask Phillip lots of questions, which he does his very best to answer.
~Here we are in their apt. visiting with some of their church people.  We got home at nearly midnight that night, but we had had a very delightful day with our friends.~
I had my friend Marisol over for a "Tea party" yesterday. We had a wonderful time. I showed her our pics from our time in Argentina.  
 Lord willing, I'll post those pics with my Fun Food Friday post some time tomorrow!


Daryl Hausman said...

Loved seeing all the fun pictures! Mary and her lil' outfit are just TOO Adorable! =)
Love you all TONS!

Daryl Hausman said...

Yes, I think that Mary looks like Sophia in that picture too! She looks soooo cute. Love the pigtails! They look like they fit her personality well! :) All of the rest of you guys looked very cute in your red, white, and blue too!
Love and miss you all,

Brittany said...

So glad you all had a happy Memorial Day! I just love Mary's outfit, especially those precious polka dotted shoes - how cute is that?!!!

Beth said...

Yes Heather, She looks so much like Sophia.

Loved seeing all your pictures. Miss you all very much
Love Beth

Sherry L Dickinson said...

Heather, this post is the very best post! It expresses so many differnt emotions and it just portrays things in a perfect way. I love it! I like your Memorial Day outfit with your cute navy blue shoes-your outfit looks so nice where you are standing by Phillip. And in one of cute Mary's pictures she had a large pretty Calla Lilly growing in the little patch of greenery beside of her. Elijah is so happy in that picture of all the kids. I love seeing his big, happy grin again. And dear Kimberly is always working in the background. She is your right arm! Love, Mom D

lila said...

Nice post as always!! Love your patriotic sweeter!! Little Mary is so adorable, love her little skirt and shoes!! Glad you had a good Memorial Day!!

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