Friday, May 18, 2012

~Fun Food Friday...Cool Coffee Gel recipe~

I got this recipe in my email box recently.   I confess I'm cheating...cause I'm posting a recipe that I haven't made yet.  Since we are still trying to get over this flu, I didn't want to make any sweets yet ( besides we already had a birthday party this week to help Elijah celebrate his birthday =).
Photo: by Taste of Home

I'm hoping to try this recipe soon.
If you give it a try, you can leave me a comment and tell me if it's good or not.  =)
Just go here for the recipe!
And as always...Enjoy!


Rob and Deanna said...

This looks like a good Father's Day surprise! Rob loves
coffee :-). I really like the picture of you and Phillip and your new blog background. Looks so nice! Enjoyed reading about your time in TN. So glad you were able to come "home" for a little bit. We have been praying for you all daily. Hope to get a pic soon and e-mail you about the pkg. you sent :-) THanks!

Kira said...

I Have had such fun catching up on your nice trip back home to see your dear family . What a neat surprize from Jesus !

I love your sister Laura's "shocked " face when she saw you on the porch for the first time cool . Im sorry your sweet family is ill and happy birthday to little Elijah .

I am praying for you all . Have a great weekend .

Bryanna Shirk said...

looks good!!
Tell Elijah I said Happy Birthday!
Praying for you guys!!!

mmsbryan said...

Praying soon that all will be well and very soon. I am so sad that you have had to be so ill. I too like the picture of that couple on your blog. I must say that I miss those two little boys and their boots and rain gear. ;-) I enjoyed listening in while you told of you time in TN. I guess I was so busy serving that I did not even see all the guests so some of it was news to me too. Keep taking care of yourself and your family. Love, Moma

lila said...

Looks yummy!!

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